Wish I could find a heritage stipe large pink tote!

  1. Well, I bought the medium and then sent it back. Then I thought I would try the pink signature stripe. Its too small too. I know I could get the large signature stripe (if its still avail) but I really want the large heritage pink stripe. I'm so upset they are already sold out. I keep hoping one will pop up on eBay!
  2. When these first came out, a few of us went back and forth with the size issues! I ordered medium first and then exchanged it for the large. Much better for me. I didn't realize how fast these would sell out. Have you seen the tattersall tote that's coming out? It's trimmed in pink and really cute also!:yes:
  3. I was really surprised how fast the Large pink totes sold out too. I bought one and returned it... and my SA admitted to me that she snagged the one I returned because they were all gone!

    I hope you can get one!! If I see on on eBay I will let you know!
  4. Oh jeez...I know what you mean....I STILL wish I would have gotten the large. I have the medium...and I love it, but the large is AWESOME. Well, keep an eye out on eBay, and you never know, maybe they will have another shipment or something...lets hope!
  5. ^^ Wow that is a large markup!
  6. I'd recommend calling Coach Customer Service. They can do a check to see if any Coach stores in the US have the bag in stock.
  7. I saw some at my store yesterday-- let me know if you want me to grab it for you!
  8. I wanted to pick this bag up when I go to Coach! I wonder if my store has it?

  9. The large one is sold out. Ebay is your only option. I checked on Saturday.

    I got one with only a small markup over retail the other day.
  10. Well I guess that's some money that I will save. Poo. Knew I should have just gone ahead and got it when I took back the medium.