Wish FedEx would hurry!

  1. I just tracked my package from elux, and it's on the truck for delivery right now! I'm impatiently awaiting the new arrival of my Framboise Ludlow!!!:yahoo: I'm so excited! It'll be my first framboise piece, which is crazy considering how pink obsessed I can be! (the Pomme was so pretty and sophisticated...I had to get it first)

    I'll post pics as soon as she arrives. :tender:
  2. omg I am waiting 2! not for LV though :sad: for 5 pairs of jeans I ordered lol! its on the truck I checked! hurry up!!!!
  3. Oh I hope it comes soon - I hate waiting for packages!
  4. How exciting. Post pics when it arrives!!
  5. I'm so excited for you! Waiting for something from Louis Vuitton is always fun!
  6. don't you just love getting good mail!:yes:
  7. yes I LOVE it! but they said between the hours of 8 and 8... so ive been up ever since and I have not been able to leave lol! DAMN!
  8. congrats! framboise is a great choice! love it:biggrin:
  9. LOL...sometimes I hate tracking cuz I look at it like 10x a day!

    congrats on the new piece!! Can't wait to see it! :smile:
  10. Congrats! Post pics as soon as it arrives.
  11. Woo can't wait for pics :yahoo: congrats!
  12. can't wait for pics! take a picture side by side!
  13. aww I wish eluxury would ship to me! I love receiving packages! take pics when you get them :smile:
  14. She's HERE!!!!!:tender:
    LV Fram Ludlow 01.jpg LV Fram Ludlow 02.jpg LV Fram Ludlow 03.jpg LV Fram Ludlow 04.jpg
  15. Congratulations! I LOVE the color! :yahoo: