Wisdom tooth pain! anyone help?

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  1. Hiya guys i am in agony with my wisdom tooth! i have been taking paracetmol every day and i swill my mouth out with salty water but it wears off after a while. has anyone got any remedies i can use?? appreciate it thanks.:rolleyes:
  2. The dentist... I had pain in my tooth and got a root canal treatment.
  3. You might have a dry socket
  4. Ye i might have to go the dentist the pain is unbearable!
  5. Don't wait. Go to the dentist.
  6. is it because it's coming through, or is there a cavity? it cold be impacted. i was in pain with mine for about 2 wks...they were coming in and it hurt like a SOB! try some ibuprofen [800mg] it helps with any swelling. if it's still as bad then def go see a dentist.
  7. Definitely go to the dentist! Don't wait!
  8. im not sure but when i look at my wisdom tooth with a mirror all i see is my gum sticking up at the back of my tooth :Push: its half way through and the pain comes back every couple of months but at the moment its really hurting me! i get a earache and a headache when the pain is bad :crybaby:
  9. if you haven't had them out yet then its probably infected. This happened to me over the summer- I feel awful for you! The pain (if yours is anything like mine was) is practically unbearable. You need to go to the dentist- they will give you antibiotics and set up a date to remove the tooth/teeth.
  10. ye it might be infected i am going to go dentist next week i think! it was infected before and he had to drain my infection with a needle so might something simular. i thought you could only have them removed if they were growing through wrong i will ask my dentist. thanks
  11. thats not true- and if its been infected once already its probably only going to keep happening.

    I'm shocked your dentist didn't send you to a dental surgeon to get them removed the first time it got infected. Most people have them preventatively removed before they ever come through because the odds of impaction, infection, etc are really high.

    My original dentist gave me the choice to not have them taken out a few years ago because my jaw had lots of room for them to come in, they came in straight and STILL got infected. The dentist I went to when they got infected basically called my old dentist incompetent for leaving them in when I explained why they were still in my mouth at the age of 25. If I had realized how bad it could be I would have definitely just gotten them removed as a preventative measure rather than lost a week of my internship and general well being last summer to deal with it.
  12. wow didnt know that! my dentist didnt mention it i dont think she just said see how it goes but the pain reoccurs every couple of months but for ex this time its unbearable! ill defo go the dentist and get my wisdom tooth checked out! thanks
  13. Mine kept getting infected so once I had time (I was in college) I had them removed (and heavy duty pain meds)
  14. Might need to find a new dentist. If this is happening its not right they didn't suggest you get them removed.
  15. Ohhh I feel for you! One of the worst pains ever. My boyfriend had all 4 of his cut out from beneath his gums...then he got dry socket...and his face swelled right up, eye closed and everything.

    I had a diet of broth for 2 weeks when I got mine out...mashed potatoes/yams, yogurt...please don't eat anything hard!
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