Wisdom Teeth

  1. Is it possible for a wisdom tooth to grow back? I had all four of mine pulled about 25 years ago (I'm 50 now) and a couple of days ago I noticed a bump/growth where my wisdom tooth would be (if I still had it). It doesn't hurt at all, but IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! I can feel it all the time. :confused1:
  2. I never heard of one growing back. I'm paranoid about my teeth--I'd be in the dentist's office in a flash getting it checked out. Good luck!
  3. As a former dental assistant of 18 years..it could possibly be a bone fragment or maybe a root tip that was not removed during the extractions. A bone fragment would be more likely. You should have it checked though, along with a full oral exam for any possible growths. I wish you good luck...and good dental health.
  4. Just to make sure ur A-OK you should definitely get it checkd out. I've never heard of the wisdom teeth growing back...but for a friend of mine...similar to ur case...she had cyst growth. She had the cysts removed..no biggie...and is all good! Get it checkd out...I'm sure it's nothing to worri bout. GL!!
  5. Thank you for your replies. I'm calling my dentist today. Ironically I was just there three weeks ago for a routine check-up and everything was fine. I was fearing the worst....that I'd have to get a wisdom tooth removed again, but since you all have reassured me I'm not terrified anymore.
  6. Hi there :smile: I don't think it's so much that the wisdom tooth grows back, rather I think it's bone fragments that are not properly (or at all) removed. My Oral Surgeon talked to me about this, but luckly I haven't had this happen to me yet :smile:
  7. My husband actually had bone fragments from where the wisdom teeth were pulled out few months back. they got pulled out easily but it's very odd cause we never heard of it.
    best of luck to you :smile:
  8. Oooh! That sounds awful. Definitely get it checked. Did you see the dentist about it?
  9. :wtf: oohh nooo!

    i shouldn't have clicked here i'm having my wisdom teeth removed on friday and i'm scared!:s
  10. It turns out my problem is just a minor little thing. Apparently I bit down on something in the wrong way (although I don't remember doing so), and I have a small cut on the gum. It's nothing serious and will easily heal. In fact, today it feels a little better.

    Thank you all for your input and advice!