Wisdom teeth--the healing process

  1. First of all, I'd like to thank all of you who have responded to my first thread about getting my wisdom teeth out. The procedure went very well and I was really just nervous for nothing--it really wasn't that bad.

    I thought I'd make a new thread now, this time regarding the healing process, since my other one has become quite inactive because my questions have been answered already...

    So I am no going onto Day 5 of healing. The first two days were virtually painless for me, however, I did feel some slight pain develop beginning the 3rd day, especially when I use salt water to flush the sockets after eating. (Although today this has not been a problem, unless I flush the area more than 2 times at a time, then I will start feeling something in the sockets)

    I asked my dentist and he said it's perfectly normal to feel some pain, and is not necessarily a sign of a dry socket. When looking into the sockets, I do see a blood clot and no exposed bone. I don't feel other symptoms of dry sockets, such as pain radiating from the socket to the ear, constant foul breath (although I must say from the day I got my teeth taken out till now my breath smells different than usual, but I read somewhere that as long as this symptom diminishes it's okay), etc.

    I have been following my dentist's instructions: no sucking through a straw, flushing with salt water using the syring he gave me, brushing teeth adjacent to that area softly and gently, taking meds on time, etc.

    Day 4 and Day 5, I started to feel pain, especially when I press my jaw immediately outside the area where he performed the operation. It feels as if it's slightly bruised...and I guess it looks a teeny little bit bruised too. When I press my gums underneath where the wisdom tooth was (it's more like what's underneath the gums that's causing the pain) and maybe even two teeth down, I feel slight pain that lingers for awhile and will go away. I notice no swelling or anything though. When I press the sides of adjacent teeth, it doesn't hurt, but feels sensitive. When I move my mouth from side to side, the inside of my cheek will press against that "tender spot" underneath my gums again and will hurt a little again. There's pain, but I wouldn't say it's sharp pain or anything.

    What I did notice is that the surface of the skin near where the stitch is knotted, there is a tiny little rip, but no bleeding from that tear.

    Sometimes I can feel blood being pumped to my teeth--is that weird? I don't feel it as throbbing pain, just that I can feel my heart beat...in my teeth :wtf:

    Did any of you experience this when your teeth sockets were healing (in other words, is what I'm experiencing normal?) I noticed that the sockets are becoming tighter and tighter every day. The hole is maybe only 3/4 its original size now. I wonder if the tenderness of the gums (although I feel it's more like what's underneath the gums) is due to the bone healing itself and therefore it's more sensitive because it doesn't want to be damaged while it's healing. My boyfriend said that for him he had the worst pain on Day 4 and by Day 5 it should be better...

    Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow morning...I do have an appointment again with my dentist on Tuesday so I guess we will see how the healing really is then. I just hope that I don't have some sort of infection or anything. Everywhere I've read on the internet it says that pain should diminish after 48 hours...the problem is, it was the first 48 hours that I didn't feel any pain...I wonder if it's different for every individual?
  2. I hope you finish recovering soon! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have to get my wisdom teeth removed within the coming months while I'm still 18. I'm scared to wait any longer. I don't have any current problems (my wisdoms aren't pushing any teeth, etc)., but I really don't want any problems to DEVELOP in the meantime.

    I read your other thread where people gave advice about their wisdom teeth extractions, and I have to say, I'm still terrified!!!

    Did you get general or local anesthesia?
  3. I had my wisdom teeth extracted and everything you are going through sounds like my experience. I had the thing where you feel your pulse in your teeth too. My gums healed up fine, I never had any kind of dry socket or trouble.
  4. It sounds like you're going through the normal healing process. I had all four wisdom teeth removed about five years ago, and I pretty much experienced everything you're describing.

    If you notice any abnormal swelling, extreme pain, bleeding, etc., that's when there is cause for major concern. But right now, from what you're saying, it just sounds like you're healing. It's a strange feeling - I remember the sockets becoming tighter and eventually healing. It did take a while.

    Keep us posted on your upcoming dentist visit! Hope everything goes well for you :smile:
  5. it sounds like your doing OK, and in your pics yesterday you couldnt see any swelling. my dad had all four out at once and got 2 black eyes and a swollen neck for weeks.
  6. *phew* thanks for all of your assurance! I thought I was going through some abnormal pain!!

    This morning...at like 10...the pain was TREMENDOUS :wtf: BUT I think it was because I'm supposed to take my medication at 2 AM/8 AM/2 PM/8 PM and I obviously missed it...I'm taking Tylenol 3, Naproxen (?) and Clydamycin...I just woke up (at 11:45 haha :p) and I feel much better. The soreness of what's underneath the gums is still there, but the pain doesn't linger for as long.

    cherry pie - YIKES, black eyes??!! :wtf: Wow...that's quite serious...yeah a lot of people (including my manager) are so surprised that they couldn't even tell I had my teeth taken out. We went to the bar yesterday and I was saying how I couldn't eat this, couldn't eat that, and everyone's like WHY???? So I pointed to my lower cheek and they were all like OHHHHHH RIGHT.
  7. I got local anaesthesia, and to be honest, it really wasn't that bad at all. From my other thread and talking to other people, a lot of people say if you get knocked out, they are much rougher on you and you're more likely to bruise and bleed more. With local anaesthesia, you are much more responsive to excessive pressure and even pain. (My dentist poked around before starting and I felt that there was some pain when he poked a certain area...so he simply gave me more anaesthetic...now with general, you wouldn't feel that at all!!)

    My dentist, while performing the operation, kept asking me if I was okay and he even walked me through the process, such as telling me "Ok, now I'm going to use this tool that will be very noisy and you will feel lots of water. Don't worry though, it's totally safe," etc. I recommend going through local, unless you're THAT terrified and can't bear the noise of dental tools, because he explained that there could be greater risks of __________ (not sure what he said) and side effects that come with general.

    I was just as terrified as you before I went into my appointment! I was actually shaking in my chair while I was waiting for my mouth to freeze, but coming out of the appointment, I found it so silly that I was that scared! Don't worry, everything will be fine, really :smile:

  8. I didn't feel pain for the first 48 hours, either. Of course, I was on Oxycodin. :woohoo: Lol!

    I hope you heal up nicely. Sorry you're having trouble.
  9. I found the pain got worse after a couple of days too- because all the drugs the dentist gave me were wearing off. Also, the nerves are probably not numb anymore, and so it might get a bit painful. After a few days you feel better and start moving more, and that makes the blood pump a little harder too. I found it was best take painkillers really regularly!

    And yes- generals are no fun! Apparently when I woke up (the first time) I literally wailed, and then fell asleep again. And I don't remember it! It took me at least 45 minutes before I was up to standing, and I needed my mum and the dental nurse to walk me to the car. It also took a few days before I could get around without getting dizzy or feeling wobbly, although that could have had something to do with the pain and the drugs I was on! But then again, I was getting 4 teeth out at the same time, they were tough removals and 2 of them were surgical. So if you can get away with a local, do it!
  10. Do those pain medications make you drowsy? I remember my mom gave me valium once to help me sleep when I had bronchitis and that thing knocked me out for 13 hours! When I woke up, I was still sleepy.
  11. Ugh, I got my wisdom teeth out about 3 weeks ago and it was awful. No dry sockets thankfully. But the pain is normal, my doctor told me to chew gum if the jaw pain got bad. I still have holes though, they are gradually getting smaller everyday. Just keep them clean.
  12. LOL!

    Have I posted what I'm taking yet? Well, anyway, I'm taking Tylenol-3, Clydamycin and Naproxen...the Tylenol 3 is supposed to make me drowsy and yeah for the first day and for late night doses it does make me a little sleepy but apparently for my boyfriend it pretty much knocked him out for 5 days straight (well, very exaggerated of course he got up and stuff but he was in bed for the most part). I'm weird when it comes to drugs...very very few drugs can actually have an effect on me...painkillers like aspirin and advil do absolutely nothing for me. Neither do drugs for colds/flu. I think the ONLY drug that helps is ibuprofen...others are just kind of blah.
  13. About the heartbeat in the teeth thing -- I felt that too!

    Your progress sounds about the same as mine, except I felt no real pain beyond Day 1 -- just a dull ache when I yawned really wide or opened my mouth -- kind of like my muscles were stiff.
    T3s are your friends.
  14. Well I'm done all my drugs now (no more T3!) and the pain was almost unbearable at one point today!! But I've been feeling really sleepy ever since I got off the drugs and today I had to take a 2-hour nap.

    Anyway, I went back for my one-week checkup and the dentist said I'm doing well! He said the pain underneath my gums is probably just my gums being sore...nothing serious though as long as the pain is diminishing (which it slowly is...)
  15. Congrats, karman, you're doing great! The healing process is weird...you think you're OK then there is a relapse as another part heals. Maybe you skip meds one cycle and then WHAM are reminded that you still need them! ;)

    Just follow your surgeon's instructions to the letter as you're doing. You'll be good as new in no time! :tup: