Wisdom Teeth Removed.. after care tips?? kinda long..

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm 21 years old and had one of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday afternoon around 4.30pm. I'm so traumatized by the experience mainly because I'm away from home in the UK, home being Brunei near Singapore. I'm away from my boyfriend who studies in Australia and basically just lacking some TLC badly.

    So i'm feeling pretty miserable right now, face is swollen on the left side and just feeling general discomfort overall. I slept at around 12 midnight tonight and was hoping that I could sleep till midnight but I woke up at 5.25am today much to my annoyance and have to deal with this dull aching pain in my mouth.

    My questions are

    1) What after care tips do you ladies have to share with me?

    2) I ate porridge about 4 hours after my surgery and drank water.. I'm so confused by all the after care stuff i'm reading online. Can I drink water just sipping or should i drink with a spoon? My dentist didn't give me any syringe to flush out the wound, is that okay?

    3) How do you do the salt water rinses? Because they said not to disturb the wound with vigorous rinse, so i'm assuming you drink the salt water then just hang your head over the sink and let it all come out like drool?

    4) How long do you think the swelling and the aching will be?

    I'm currently taking Paracetamol +codeine, made by Boots, they said it was the strongest pain killer i could take over the counter. I wish I could take something stronger..

    My friends here don't really know how I feel because none of them had their wisdom teeth taken out before so they don't really know how much I am in pain..I had to go to the dentist alone, walk back to uni alone (which took about 30-40mins) and basically been calling my boyfriend nonstop, bawling to him..

    So any tips from you ladies to help me would be very much appreciated...

  2. Hi Mishy,
    Wisdom teeth removal can be a painful experience.
    1. Keep the painrelief going. It is better to take nurofen (ibuprofen) for the pain as it has an anti-inflammatory component (unlike paracetamol) so it will help witht he swelling etc while it combats the pain. If you are especially sore, take one nurofen with one paracetamol.

    2. Rinse carefully, you don't want to disturb the clot. If the clot is flushed out by vigorous rinsing, the bone will not be able to heal properly and you may get a dry socket which is very painful.

    3. As for a syringe, if the clot is in place and you are wise with what you eat you shouldn't need to worry. By wise I mean no nuts, dry crackers, muesli etc, small sharp particles of food that can be stuck.

    3. THe pain and swelling is going to be there for a week but will reduce in its severity every day. If the pain increases on around day2 or 3, get back to the dentist as it could be a dry socket.

    4. Just keep quietly, let your body rest and heal. You may be suffering a little emotional trauma/shock, as well as the physical discomfort and the fact that you feel all alone will not help this.

    Good luck! You will get thru this.
  3. Mish, I feel for you! <HUGS>
    My wisdom teeth extraction was relatively easy but I had help from my BF and my dentist gave me narcotics to help with pain.
    I agree with rupbasoli that an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen would definitely help. I stayed at home with an ice-pak constantly on my jaw. I believed that helped a lot in keeping the swelling down. I also got a syringe to rinse out the "holes" after the initial healing period. It takes time for the holes to fill and it was amazing all the food that got in! :yucky:
    Just try to take it slowly to heal yourself. It sounds like you're a student, so I'm sure that it's very tough for you to take time off. Hang in there! This will pass and you WILL get better! :flowers:
  4. honestly I slept through the three days after my wisdom teeth were out. I took the painkillers religiously and they knocked me out. I remember eating spaghetti and some other soft foods. Just be sure not to drink through a straw.
  5. I had all 4 out last year, here are my tips...

    - If you do use the salt rinse make sure you don't swoosh it around then spit it out, what you said was perfect, just lean forward and let it drool/run out. I wouldn't use it within the first 24 hours, or even the first 2 days.
    - Use a babies tooth brush to clean your teeth, I got this tip from my husband after he had this out, it's so much easier to clean your back teeth without accidentally bumping the wounds or stitches.
    - Avoid hot foods, only eat lukewarm or cold food. Only eat soft mushy foods and don't eat anything that could heave debris in your wounds. Don't drink carbonated beverages, my dentist recommended only drinking water or milk for the first few days.
    - Do not smoke or drink through a straw. You can sip water out of a glass.
    - Don't use the syringe for at least a week after the removal, if you don't eat anything that will leave debris in your wounds you won't need to flush them out. As you heal you'll be able to eat more solid foods, but you'll find food gets trapped in the healing socket so you'll want to flush this out after each meal.
    - Definitely agree on taking ibuprofen over paracetamol.
    - If your pain hasn't reduced 2 days after the removal, or is getting worse I'd contact the dentist asap, especially if you feel like the pain is worse on one side of your face. It could be dry socket, I got this when I had mine out, it's a awful but you will get a lot of relief after getting treatment for it.
    - For the first 24 hours a ice pack is good but my dentist told me to switch to a warm wash cloth the day after.
    - Try and get lots of rest!!

    I didn't have a easy removal so my pain lasted 7-9 days, but my husband had all 4 removed with no drama, his pain and swelling gradually started to reduce after 2 days and he felt 100% normal within a week (except for a little gum pain).
    Hope you feel better soon :smile:
  6. Aww thank you ladies for your tips. I will definitely take them into account. I've only eaten congee so far, and have done the salt water rinses after, very very gently. I've switched to taking neurofen now since it contains ibuprofen as suggested for the swelling but my swelling seems to be getting worse.

    My wisdom tooth was on the lower left jaw and now my whole cheek is sagging due to the swelling and it feels horrible!

    I'm really hoping that a dry socket does not form, I've read so many horror stories on it online.

    I've also bought a baby toothbrush for brushing, but are we supposed to brush with toothpaste? and then rinse it out with water like we do with the salt water?

    Thanks again for answering my questions. I'm so worried about this whole thing!
  7. I used toothpaste, just regular paste though, no colored gels/fancy flavors or anything with whitening products in them. I didn't rinse afterwards.

    Your swelling sounds similar to what I had, it definitely got worse within the first 24 hours after the removal regardless of prescription painkillers containing ibuprofen.
    I looked like a chipmunk!! The swelling lasted about 3 days then vanished over night so don't be too alarmed, apparently it's a common symptom. If your gums feel swollen try and eat something cold like ice cream, it really helped me.
  8. I had all 4 removed when I was 15 and it was pretty easy. I had nice meds to help with the pain.

    I was pretty out of it for the 1st day because I had an IV.

    The first day I lived on tomato soup, but the next day I was eating chicken nuggets at McDonald's. I did however tear them into smaller pieces, because my jaw was a wee sore to open very wide.

    I never had any problems with dry socket, honestly getting my tonsils removed was worse as far as discomfort goes. I had my teeth done on the Friday after Thanksgiving and was fine and back to school on Monday.

    I just hated the stitches, I only had them in the top, they were the dissolving kind and they didn't dissovle right and got really loose after about 2 weeks, so I pulled them out.

    **My best advice would be keep on the pain meds, like someone mentioned. If it says to take them every 4 hours, take them at 3 hours or a little after, because it's the worst if the pain gets a jump on you.**
  9. I had dental surgery recently and it was terribly painful.. the only thing that gave me relief was cold smoothies and milkshakes. I tried not to take too many painkillers, but agree with the girls - take anti-inflammatories to reduce teh pain. Good luck to you!
  10. Hi ladies! Thanks for all your tips! They have been very encouraging and helpful to me!

    It is now day 5 after my extraction. Swelling still hasn't completely disappeared yet and I have this gnawing pain in my lower jaw (where the tooth was extracted). I don't think it is a dry socket since when I called the dentist he said if i had a dry socket it would be hurting like crazy now.

    So it's not hurting like crazy but it's an annoying sort of pain? I'm taking neurofen for it, and I wanted to stop taking pain meds already but it seems like I still can't stop.

    I'm still on a liquid diet, bread dipped in soup and yoghurt everyday and I'm getting sick of it. :sad:

    I just want to be back to normal again!!!!! :sad::sad: :sad: :crybaby:
  11. Has the pain been getting better day by day or has it been the annoying gnawing pain for a few days?
    If you don't think it's getting better each day maybe you should see the dentist to make sure you don't have a infection or other complication?
  12. ^ I agree. All the swelling and pain had gone down completely for me by the fifth day. Please contact a doctor if it gets worse. I hope that you feel better soon :heart:
  13. you poor thing :sad:

    hot salt water rinse is really good! (get water as hot as you can handle and dissolve a teaspoon of salt. gargle and spit! it tastes horrid but...)
  14. Ice ice baby! Seriously, that was the thing that helped me the most. The swelling is what makes you uncomfortable. Get one of those icepacks that wraps around your head and holds ice on either side of your face. Genius!:tup: I tried not to take too many of the Rx pain pills and stick with Advil or Tylenol b/c A) I think I healed faster and B) sometimes those drugs can be difficult to wean yourself off of. Stick with soft mushy food, anything can go in the food processor! Sleep as much as possible, and don't try to eat anything hard too soon. Feel better!