Wisdom teeth pain, what is easy to eat? :(

  1. My wisdom teeth are coming out and they are really kicking my butt. I haven't eaten cause it hurts so much but I can't just starve myself. I've had only soup for the past week and I'm sick of it! What's something easy to make or buy? Thanks!
  2. If they are hurting that bad, I would take a quick trip to the dentist!
  3. Already have an appointment to get them out on the 21st of this month. I got a prescription for vicodin but they don't help. Just trying to make it until the day they get pulled.
  4. Wow, mine are hurting but not so much that I can't eat...I hope it doesn't come to that, not getting mine out til next month :cry:

    Are you able to eat bread? You could make some sandwiches with soft bread and a little deli meat that wouldn't be too hard to chew.
  5. Jello and ice cream. That's what I had the day they were pulled, although mine didn't hurt at all. You may want to contact your oral surgeon to see if something can be prescribed for you.
  6. When I had mine pulled, I ate oatmeal, jello, and baby food.
  7. i've had a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly :sad: i can barely even eat it cause it hurts so much.

    i'm going to go out to get a lot of baby food. hopefully it'll help
  8. wow baby food :cry:

    I think the Jello sounds good right about now :smile:
  9. have you tried mash potatoes?
  10. ^^oo not yet but i shall.

    i really want to get some meat in though lol
  11. Yogurt and jello!
  12. Baby food tastes terrible lol, I wouldn't do it, you have better options!

    Try a few of these, though they sound sketchy, they've gotten me through several strep throats:

    Soft casseroles. Things like breakfast casserole (grits, cheese, egg, sausage) because if you chop it up fine and bake it, it has a smooth texture. I make a chicken casserole of sorts, with super soft cooked linguine chopped up, cream of mushroom soup, fine chopped broccoli, parmesan cheese, bit of whipping cream, etc.

    Use your blender, lol. I'm dead serious. If you eat foods mixed together already, like meat loaf and mashed potatoes, soft tacos and the like, you're already combining it, so if you pop it in the blender, it really won't make a huge difference, unless you're really picky about food looks! I was DESPERATE for Taco Bell after two weeks of a super-sore throat, so I stuck two soft tacos in a blender and voila, easy to eat. Yes, I know how gross that sounds, but hey it tasted like a taco

    Refried beans are good for protein, topped with a bit of cheese and sour cream makes them more edible

    Risotto might make a nice change from oatmeal and such

    Soups are always a good choice. Beef soups usually involve very well cooked beef for easy eating, mushroom soup, split pea, etc.
  13. Yogurt, ice cream, jello. The weirdest thing is that my wisdom teeth hurt like crazy until I started actually chewing. I remember eating a piece of pizza and it took me about an hour to do it, but using my jaw loosened up the muscles or something and made them heal.

    Good luck to you!
  14. Soups are good. Hope you get your wisdom teeth out soon!
  15. applesauce, popsicles