Wisconsin Dells is Open! But.....

  1. I was underwhelmed. Nothing jumped out at me, and I ended up coming home with "utilitarian" things: a signature id lanyard, a contact case, a leather mini skinny to "sort of" match my Legacy and a spring patchwork wristlet for a someday present for my growing daughter.

    The worst part, these women weren't even Coach people! They "tried" to be but it was apparent that they were new to Coach. I walked in with my punch swing pack and they raved and (believe it or not) asked me where I got it. "Ummm, Coach?". Later on, one particular SA was helping out some young girls and they said they wanted a bag like that (pointing to mine). The SA told me "well, we don't have that one here but you can order it from Coach online". Ummm, no you can't.

    The worst? An SA was asking me if she could help, I told her I was looking for a mini skinny to match a particular bag, she asked which one and I said "it's a Legacy Flap" to which she interjected, "I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the different styles".

    I won't have to go back for a while. Now I know what I'm not missing :smile:
  2. Is this a boutique or outlet?

    I'm sure after a few weeks the SA's will get a chance to be more acquainted with the stock.
  3. Wow! That is worse than usual for an outlet. I know more about the products than the "not so into it"/"it's just a job" SAs. I usually know more than the others too because of this forum. Once one of the As pointed to a bag and "that aqua bag" and I said it was called mist. She said "What?". "The color, it's called mist". "Oh, are you from a retail store?":nogood:
  4. It's a new outlet. I was always under the impression that those hired by Coach were done so because they loved and knew Coach! LOL. Guess that's what happens when you have nothing of the sort in this area for years and years....
  5. LOL, maybe you could offer them a few classes :lecture::lol:
  6. LOL that'd be fun. Part of the whole thing was that I was excited to FINALLY have a chance to meet women in my area with the same sickness I have! But it wasn't meant to be :sad:

    Maybe in a month or two :yes:
  7. I posted almost the same thread above in the shopping section! I was there today, too, and found nothing to write home about. It is an outlet that carries signature pieces, so that is different from the outlet I usually go to, but they pretty much only had factory-only pieces in stock. Others say that will change as they are open longer. I sure hope so!

    The SA's were very pleasant, though, which is more than I can say for the boutique in Mayfair Mall! I didn't ask them anything specific, so I'm not acquainted with their knowledge or lack thereof, but I think a lot of people on this forum are FAR more familiar with the product lines than are new SA's!

    I won't go back for a while. I may give it another try in a month or two. If there isn't a change or improvement in the product they carry by then, I likely will not make a point to go there much more. Pleasant Prairie is 2 hours from me, but they usually have something good!
  8. Sorry that you had a disappointing experience! Hope that it gets better!
  9. Don't give up on the outlet. I wish one was closer 2 me, but either way being an educated consumer is having a leg up!. I had a similar experience @ the Boca Coach boutique & even my husband noticed that as I named off the bags & colors that the SA's were terribly confused!
  10. Be careful in the Wisconsin outlets. If you buy any duplicates you will probably receive a ban letter next time you go in!! I don't know about the Dells but Pleasant Prairie is REALLY BAD.:tdown:
  11. Maybe that's why Pleasant Prairie has a good selection for regular shoppers! I've purchased at that outlet and I've even purchased duplicate items as gifts. There has never been a problem. It isn't just a few duplicates that gets a person banned; it is lots of product over lots of visits and lots of duplicates, especially on popular pieces. No store is anxious to get rid of an honest customer.
  12. Doesn't surprise me that they didnt know nothing...considering the fact that there are only 2 actual Coach stores in the whole entire state and the Coach items sold at Macys and other dept stores remember the SA's are not Coach employees so I wouldn't expect for them to know anything about Coach...

    I was born and raised in Wisconsin and the shopping has never been great...that's why I always went down to Chicago when I wanted to do some serious shopping...

    But I loved the Dells and gambling at the casino nearby!
  13. Hi Ladies !
    Sorry to hear that the Outlet in the Dells wasn't more fun. I suppose it'll take time to get the retail pieces there, or maybe for the Summer, with all the "Tourists" they'll just stick to the Factory Signature items.
    I didn't know about the Pleasant Prairie store handing out letters, but I do know that alot of the SA have left there. I enjoy shopping there, I was there last week and thought they had an ok selection.
    HauteMama, I agree about the SA in Mayfair, however the Manager is lovely. I wish some of her personality would trickle down to a couple of the girls in that store.
    Bayshore is super, everyone at that store really loves being there, so I do prefer to spend my dollars at that store.
  14. queenvic: You are right about Bayshore. Any Coach retail dollars I spend go there, either by me going the extra distance or by phone. It is too bad if the manager is nice at Mayfair because her SA's are ruining her store's reputation! From the treatment I've received there on multiple occasions, I could never recommend it to anyone.

    I hope that the Dells selection improves, though. 45 minutes to an outlet is a lot easier than 2 hours! Not that Bayshore is much closer, come to think of it, but there are so many other places to visit when I go there and I'm generally not terribly interested in the other outlets in Pleasant Prairie!