Wiry Fly Away Hairs?

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  1. Okay, so my mom has suffered from crazy wiry, coarse, fly away hairs all her life. They are just like fly aways, but crazy curly and wiry. Lately, she has been threatening to cut all her hair off and get an afro, which I think is just silly. She has really long hair, goes to her lower back, and she is nearing 50 and wants a make-over, so any ideas? Hairstyles that are good for coarse, wiry fly aways? The rest of her hair is fine, normal caucasian hair, but she hates her crazy fly aways. Anyone else have these? Any tips on how to get rid of them?

    Any helpful tips are appreciated, TIA! ;)
  2. my mum is caucasian except she has the most wiry thick hair EVER! Hairdressers cannot get over it, and she has her hair thinned almost twice a month.
    What works best for her is shoulder length hair- on the longer side, and she started using Moroccan oil, she said other lotions potions her hair would just suck up but the oil reduces her wiry flyaways and makes her hair more soft...
  3. I am black with coarse straight really long hair -- I had runway wiry hair for a time even after flat ironing; that I have managed to tame with Ojon Revitalizing spray and Ojon Glossing Cream --- It controls my hair not greasy. Also I stay away from metal brushes instead opting for a wood brush form aveda and wide tooth comb.
  4. I used to have intense fly aways (still have a few baby ones) and what really helped me was an extra deep conditioner in the shower and using a wide tooth comb. I haven't used a brush in years!
  5. Wow, I didn't know anyone responded to this thread, I didn't mean to abandon it. :shame:
    Thank You cosy13, atlbaggirl, luxe K for responding. I'll definitely recommend she try out some moroccan oil or Ojon products, and that she comb her hair rather than brushing it, she is a total brush-addict! Thanks again!
  6. Moroccan Oil works great...

    and as a finisher... tell her to put some hand lotion on her hands and smooth it over her hair from part to ends... just lightly grazing the palm of her hands over the hair to get the lotion on it.

    Lightweight hairspray, like Aveda's, also works well without leaving it looking all frozen.