Tech wireless router password??

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  1. my daughter just got an itouch and I wanted to turn on the wifi on it to use at home, but its asking for the router password and I dont remember it. Is there anyway to find it? thanks
  2. You have to go into the router settings. If you have your user manual, it will tell you the IP address you type into your browser. It will also tell you where and how to set a password. Once you get to the right place, you should be able to see what the password is.
    For future reference, def write it down and store it somewhere safe. Those 128bit encryption keys can be rather hard to remember. ;)
  3. and if you can't find your manual, just google your type of router and "settings" and something should pop up with the IP address you need to use.

    and if all else fails... do a hard reset on the router and set it up again and this time remember to write down the password :biggrin:
  4. BTW, there should a reset button on the router, by which you can start over with your manual, if necessary.
  5. mine is on the side of my router :biggrin: Of course I didn't realize it was considered the password until I was on hold w/ Verizon FIOS for 3 hours! LOL!
    Do you see a WEP KEY?
    The # following is usually the default password.
  6. ^ Yes, same for me!

    PS: I'm always on the phone with FIOS CS foreverrrrr when I need something... yesterday it was an hour and a half :Push:
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    I believe OP is trying to set up the WiFi for the first time, so there may not be any settings or a WEP key yet.

    Is this a router you bought, or one that came from your service provider?

    If it came from your provider, it may be noted on the housing somewhere, or you may have to call Tech Support.

    If it's one you bought and you can't find the manual, search the web using your router's brand and model number and 'default password'. You should find sites showing manuals in .pdf format and somewhere in there you should find the default username and password as set by the manufacturer. It may be something as simple as:

    Username: admin
    Password: admin

    From there the internal menus should help you find out how to set up the wireless and change the password.

    The WEP security key is another step that protects your network from someone connecting and using your internet connection.
  8. the WEP KEY is on a sticker on the side of a router :yes:

  9. you can reset your router from behined and type a new password
  10. depending on the router, there is a series of numbers you input in your browser that takes you to your rotuer settings. its usually in the manual that comes included, but you can probably figure it out using a google search is an example of what i'm talking about