Wireless internet access at hotels

  1. At home I have a wireless internet access. I'll be staying at a hotel with free wireless access. So my question is, do I need to change a lot of settings on my computer etc? I have never used another wireless access than my own, and I'd hate to change a lot of settings to be able to use one at a hotel.
  2. Nope!!! Most hotels will give you a password to use...or it just automatically pops up on your computer :smile: It's usually pretty easy to use! Also...most hotels now have a tech person onsite to answer questions related to internet use (well...the bigger chains do)!
  3. :yes: ITA!!
  4. Yep, most places are pretty much plug-n-play, meaning pretty self explanatory when you first access the service.

    Just ask the front desk when you check in; there should be a flyer with instructions when you check in or one in your room.

    have fun!
  5. Thanks! That makes me feel so much better. I don't know much about computers, so it would stress the heck out of me if I had to mess around with settings etc when I got there, and then again when I got home and have to use my own connection again.
  6. Yupp...ITA
  7. Sorry, one more question... Under phone it says "2 line phones w/dataports". Does that mean I'll be able to use the internet in my room (with a cable)? As far as I understand the wireless access isn't in the rooms.
  8. Yes, I think this means you have a phone but then also have a port to plug in your cable to connect to your laptop.
  9. I travel mostly for work, so I have my work laptop with me when trying to access wirelessly at hotels and the only problems I've had have been related to the firewall and other work-related settings. If you're bringing your own laptop, you should really be fine.