Wiping down caviar leather... with what?

  1. I've carried the same caviar leather Chanel tote for 2 years now, almost everyday. Finally, it's started to get a little grimey. What would you suggest I wipe it down with, besides water? Some kind of special conditioner? Babywipes?

    Thanks! :shrugs:
  2. what Color A?
    I'd use a damp cloth probably.

    I actually use baby wipes on everything, so technically I just lied!:lol:

    well, baby wipes are damp cloths!
  3. Hiiiii Swanky!!

    It's that "apricot," which is really just biege.

    I'm a little paranoid baby wipes might dry the leather out but I guess if its good enough for a baby's bottom, its good enough for my bag.
  4. I use Huggies Supreme w/o fragrance. . . there's very little in them compared to the other brands.
  5. I used Leather CPR on my cambon bowler when it arrived just to freshen it up. It wasn't dirty but had a few superficial marks. It works great - completely cleans and conditions leather without harming it. I got it at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
  6. I used baby wipes and applegarde. It works wonderfully!
  7. So you can put applegarde on caviar leather? Does the caviar leather absorb the stuff??