Winternight's Collection

  1. Here are my bags, mainly Gucci, its small but I'm working on expanding!

    There are my two favorites both Tom Ford Gucci designs.
    purplegucci.jpg dragon.jpg
  2. Nice collection!!
  3. Those are gorgeous, especialy the color of that first one. Wow!
  4. i love the color of the first one too.....
    what color is that?
  5. Gorgeous. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I loved Tom Ford for Gucci and YSL. :yes:

    I think he's a genius.
  6. my jaw dropped when I opened that first thumbnail! i'm not even a gucci girl, but gorgeous! :drool:
  7. LOVE ur Gucccccci's .. the 1st one is the dragon bag? right?
  8. Wow gorgeous bags! love the color of the first purse.
  9. they are really nice. very stylish bags
  10. Gorgeous Guccis, and you can't go wrong with the Tom Ford era !
  11. I love your Guccis. They are beautiful!
  12. ITA!
  13. Great collection.
  14. I love your purple Gucci! Gorgeous!
  15. Very nice! Love the purple.