Winter Wonderland!

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  1. There's already 22.8 inches of snow in Central Park. I live about 45 minutes to an hour away, in East Northport. We have 12" so far. Much more is expected though; up to two feet! Here are some pictures I took from windows in my house.


    Oh how I love snow! :lol:
  2. that's amazing. i really wish we got snow here.
  3. i live in central jersey and it is only flurrying now and we have about 16 inches... lol it looks so pretty and imo it takes a lot to make jersey look pretty lol
  4. I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm SICK of snow myself, we've been getting a LOT this year here in Sweden.
    It's pretty to look at though :P
  5. I would be making a big pot of yummy chili, baking some brownies, and topping my coffee off with some Baileys. (thank god I live in Key west!!) mind you its FREEEEZZZZING here today for us!!!
  6. I live in the DC Metro area, and our power went out last night because of the snow! But, it sure is pretty.
  7. The snowfall was beautiful. I was running around when it started yesterday.
  8. i miss summer :sad:
  9. Glad thaat you like it. I hate it because I'm sitting in it for more than 3 months now and I don't live in Alaska.
  10. i've got about 18 inches in my back yard right now...
  11. brrr, is it summer yet?
  12. its really coming down here now (nova scotia, canada), hope work is cancelled tomorrow. love snow days!
  13. I live in Jersey and just shoveled and thanks to who ever invented the snow blower! This sure is pretty but definately too much work!
  14. Come on we are improving but if they could do something with the smell that greets you when you fly into Newark it would help:lol:
  15. Yeah yeah its pretty......but when can I take my new speedy out? SNIFF SNIFF

    Selena (Snowed in, in Jersey)
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