Winter White

  1. I can carry my winter white hobo anytime right? I still feel like it is more summery. I may try to add a fall look to it with a scarf.
  2. :yes: Go for it! I bought the braided hobo in that color..I plan on wearing it in december with one of my black coats and red scarf...I think it will be perfect for Christmas!! :heart: Emmy
  3. I love winter white. Yes, you can wear it any time. The scarf is a good idea.
  4. I actually feel like winter white is a more fall/winter color than spring/summer. Since more bright whites come out around s/s.
  5. I'd wear winter white in winter more than fall...It's seems harder to pull off in the fall season. Maybe adding a scarf could do it. I'm going to finally take out my white ski hobo...maybe around November or December. When do you all think it's right to switch to winter bags?
  6. Definetly! I know the whole "No white after labor day" rule and all, but screw that, enjoy it! I think white is very classy in the winter.
  7. Why not? Snow is white. =) I wear what I want whenever I want as long as I don't look like a fool.
  8. Sure why not? White is very versitile and can be used in any season, in my opinion
  9. I think a white bag is wearable anytime of the year. I love the scarf idea!!