Winter Vacations

  1. we just booked our trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for our fourth winter vacation in a row...once you get away for a hot holiday once, you can't seem to take another winter without it...just wondering how many other tpf'ers take winter vacations and where they go to?
  2. Going to Florida next week for a little sun & shopping :tup:
  3. I definitely agree! This was the first winter where i've taken a holiday, and I don't think I will ever go another winter here without flying off to somewhere tropical. I went to Mexico, but I think i'd like to try the dominican republic next year.
  4. Hubs and I are skiers so any winter vacations are somewhere cold. Though we already get in quite a bit of skiing from the local hills and what's day-trippable (3 hrs away tops).

    I think we're supposed to go to VT in late March to hit Sugarbush and Mad River Glen. Just a 3-day trip but that's a big deal these days with 2 little ones in the house.
  5. Next week me and the BF are going up to Lake Arrowhead where his parents have a house and staying there for 4 days to have some snow fun fun fun! :smile:
  6. I recently went to Lake Placid (upstate NY)for 4 days, which is colder than New York. SO and I went to go snowboarding, but I really wish we went somewhere warmer.
  7. We are actually going skiing as it doesn't get cold here. :rolleyes:
  8. im going to my florida home soon. i go from feb to april. i cant wait :yahoo:
  9. ITA:yes:
  10. My family used to have a place in FL that we went to every year... I HATED it!! I am so not a beach person and I can't stand the hot weather, so yes... lol, I can do without it even though I was used to it for a very long time!!!

    For winter travel, my fiance and I plan a larger trip with each other every winter - and we try to pick a place where it is the off season. Europe is usually a good bet for us. I'd rather be in a winter coat and not have to deal with the lines.