Winter Styles on

  1. Chloe has updated the website to include the winter bags. Nothing too exciting in my opinion. Of course I say that now before seeing any of these irl.
  2. I totally agree... I was hoping for more Chloe Ediths n new colours!!
  3. They don't put the whole line up so maybe there will be some new ediths coming out.

    I've always liked that style but never got one. I missed all the great deals too:crybaby:.
  4. I agree....kmrosko404 keep checking NAP because I just got a black edith off there this morning. NM online has also reposted a lot of them, and you could always get a price adj if they lower the prices again:yes:
  5. It's never to late to get an Edith... I think that style is a classic and will never be dated....
  6. some of the styles seem cute, others seem extremely ugly:tdown:
  7. I like the Beate and the lambskin Heloise.
  8. Are there any Chloe lovers in Europe that can check the boutiques for me? I called Chloe looking for something from the Summer line and I have not heard back. I hope it is in Eurpoe somewhere. From winter I love the Elvie and the Heloise.