Winter Staple Items?

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  1. So I guess to start this off, I live in Canada and I HATE winter :sad:
    I basically lived in jeans, t-shirts and hoodies last year because I just can't seem to shop for winter things that I like, plus I am ALWAYS cold. I do need to tweak my wardrobe for work this year. I don't have to dress up a ton but I do like to look nice. I am also back in school so I have very little to spend on clothes right now. I usually shop at a designer second hand store that we have here, because they have a better selection and they get new things in daily.

    I find summer shopping soooo much easier because I can throw on a dress or a skirt and top and be good to go. I find winter much harder because I really like to wear sweaters because they keep me warm without having to layer too much, but most of them I find make me look and feel frumpy (I'm pretty thin with hardly any *ahem* assets). Also depending on the material I find some sweaters itchy. I don't think I am allergic to wool because I do own two sweaters that are a wool/angora mix. I don't know it may just be how rough the sweater material is on the ones I have been trying on?

    Having said all of that, what are some staples that I should be looking to pick up? I basically want to get the staple pieces and then maybe build on them when I have more money to do so.
  2. turtlenecks in black and camel
    cardigan sweater in neutral color
    black wool dress pants
    faux fur vest
    pair of neutral leather boots
    shearling coat
  3. Scoopneck cashmere sweaters. I love the ones by Enza Costa.
    Great boots
    I agree with GirlyGirl4 that a blanket sweater is a must for top layer warmth
    A classic wool coat
  4. I am also a canadian (and from winterpeg no less!). My staples are

    Wool skirts
    Opaque tights
    Cashmere cardigans
    Classic wool coat

    Also love my uggs when not working (after cleaning and purging I still have 5 pairs!!)
  5. @girlygirl4 I love that sweater! It's going on my list of things to look out for. It looks much nicer than hoodies and it will at least keep me warm. I have a few button up cardigan type sweaters but they are thinner material so I don't wear them much once it gets really cold.

    @kat I need to find wool dress pants! Those are on the list now too. That would solve freezing in the black silky pair that I own. I was also looking into thick dark wash or black jeggings if they exist to wear with sweaters.

    @kristydarling I have brand new boots from last year thankfully. My old ones decided to start leaking around April so I had to go boot shopping. Bought killer black knee high boots with studs, wore them once and then it seemed to warm up and they were too warm to wear. I have a red pea coat that I have had for a couple of years that I love. I wanted to buy a black one this year but I might need to wait till closer to the end of the season for a sale since I don't really "need" it. I just want a new one lol

    @bluejinx I have started the skirt hunt! I prefer wearing skirts as much as possible. I own at least 10 (probably more) pairs of winter tights in different patterns and colours and I only have one skirt to wear in the winter.
  6. I don't own a pair of pants. I just weàr skirts. Do you like long or short? A-line or pencil? Or bias cut?
  7. In winter I must have:

    Skinny jeans

    I pretty much wear at least one of those items every day once it gets really cold. In the fall I wear a lot of long sleeve tees and cardigans and stuff.

    I agree about replacing hoodies with the big sweater coats- I want to get one myself! There's a really cute gray one at Ann Taylor Loft right now and the piperlime ones are cute too but a little more pricey.
  8. skinny could do leather or pleather
    nice flowy silk tops
    leather jacket
    bootie or OTK boots
    short skirt or dress
  9. @bluejinx I prefer short skirts and no real preference towards cut or fit. I have a ton of knitted tights and really thick leggings that I can wear with skirts. I think it makes sense to go skirt shopping :smile:

    @juneping I have a pair of really neat pleather leggings with a scale pattern on them. One of my favourite things that I own! I wear them a lot. I want to find some plain black ones though. I have a pleather jacket from H&M that zips and I have a pleather jacket also from H&M that looks like a suit jacket. I wear them a lot too.
    I probably couldn't wear silk tops in the winter, maybe fall and I do own a few, but I freeze to death even indoors in winter.
  10. LOTS of cardigans
    belted sweaters
  11. you can do layering. a flowy top under a cardigan. or you can get thin sweater what hits at your bottom. sweater can be tricky b/c i get itchy when i wear wool. i can only do cashmere or something synthetic like rayon. H+M has plain pleather leggings. i got mine at topshop last winter. but i don't wear them that often...they gave me infection when i wore them too long. it was only good for dinner or party stuff...had to take them off after 4 hours max.
  12. My mom is severely allergic to wool. She can touch the softest sweater to her arm and if it even has a tiny bit of wool she will turn red and start itching like crazy. I think I am ok as long as it's soft.
    I will have to check out H&M next time I am in Toronto. We don't have one anywhere close but the second hand store here usually gets a few H&M things. If not I might be able to wait until November when I have to write an exam in Toronto. I can reward myself with a bit of retail therapy :smile:
  13. *Leggings
    *Warm opaque tights
    *Turtlenecks for layering....basic nuetral colors(black, grey) I find that they are perfect to go underneath those flowy silk shirts in cold weather....then but a sweater on top of it all.
    *2 basic Cashmere sweaters
    *A longer heavier sweater with some slouch/drape
    *2 belts
    *And some fun scarves;)
    *A few pieces of statement costume jewelry pieces for personality.

    You seem to have the coat & boots, skirts and pleather items.

    Every year InStyle magazine features a 'month of looks' from just a few pieces. I find it really helps me look outside my normal outfit choices to shop my closet. The October issue has it now....HTH!
  14. ^^ya...scarves!!