winter shoes

  1. Does anyone know how long they stay in stores for? I decided that I really want to get the Amber sandal in fuchsia. Do they just stay till they are sold out? Or will they definately be there till the end of winter? Also, has anyone seen them in person?
  2. Also, Can I have opinions? What do you think of them? Are they worth $825?


  3. WOW those are very pretty shoes! I've never seen them IRL, but Scarlett Johansson sure makes them look fab! OT - anyone know the dress that she is wearing, that is hot too!
  4. shoes are worth it imo if you can afford to walk on money. I'm not there yet, so for me, shoes are not really worth it cuz I practically never wear mine. However, if you LoVe them enough then get them regardless of whether or not you'll end up using them.

    I think the winter shoes will be replaced in 2-3 months by the SS collection. So if you meant "by the end of winter" as in by the end of this calendar year, then yes, they'll still be available. However, if you meant when Spring comes in April (?), then I think they'll be gone.
  5. My $0.02 is that they're beautiful shoes, but if you want to be able to still walk in comfort when you're 50, you need to save heels like those for special occasions. They do shocking damage to your feet and you don't find out about it until it's too late to undo it. If only I could go back in time ... :crybaby:
  6. thanks so much for the replies. I really appreciate it! =) :heart:
  7. Those are gorgeous, but not worth $825 as far as I am concerned!
  8. gorgeous and I have seen them in real life too the only reason I wouldn't buy them is I personally don't like ankle straps on shoes but that's a personal choice.

    oh you should be warned though once you buy LV shoes you will never stop lol (it's also the same with sunnies)
  9. THey are pretty, but probably scarce. I saw the Spring Shoes look book and if you can hold out until the new ones arrive, you WON"T be disappointed !!!!
    ( I already waitlisted for 3 pairs !!)....
  10. they are gorgeous and worth it if you can afford it. just like another pair of louboutins, right??