Winter Shades of YUM!

  1. Last night I decided to arrange all my bags into seasonal uses! So I grouped all my winter BBag colours together and they looked so pretty :love: Now it's hard to choose which one to use at the moment! I am particularly loving my new Greige purse which seems to go with everything and my olive messenger is so easy to carry and just sling on the shoulder and go!
    BALblue.jpg BALgreige.jpg Balmessenger.jpg BALpurses.jpg BALwintergroup.jpg
  2. YUM! Love your purses!
  3. really yummy!!! I can only imagine how yummy your spring ones are!
  4. Whoa! Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing sweetie!
  5. Yes beautiful I really like the olive!
  6. Lovely collection!
  7. SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that olive color so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for all your sweet comments! :heart: I was naughty today, I snagged myself a black boobie! It was the last one left so I couldn't just leave it there! Now I really must be good until all the January sales start!:yes:
  9. Congrats on your boobie!!!!! Could you post a picture with it clipped on the bag?
  10. Wow! You have a beautiful collection! Yummy!
  11. No kidding! Those ARE absolutely winter shades of yum! yum yum!
  12. Love your shades of winter! They are great for fall too! Beautiful collection you have there!
  13. olive is TDF!!!
  14. zacorey here you go...:flowers:

    The boobie has silver hardware so it doesn't really go with the antiqued hardware of my bags, but it's still a cutie! :love:
    balboobie.jpg balboobie2.jpg
  15. Beautiful collection!! I especially love your Greige Purse (and yes, that color just seems to go with everything!) and Olive messenger bag! Thanks for sharing your pics.