Winter sale at the Burberry retail stores

  1. Argh this is disappointing news (but better for my wallet I suppose). Does anyone know how much Saks or Nordstrom discounts Burberry coats? I also was eying their toggle coats...
  2. I was at Von Maur yesterday in Kentucky (it's a smaller chain but somewhere between Dillard's and Nordstrom ) and they had some Burberry marked 30% off. SA even said it was unusual
  3. That's not a good news to hear.
  4. Sorry about the late response guys.
    We've been telling our clients that we'd be having sales after Christmas - but again, we can't confirm that certain items will go on sale until we receive the markdown write up.
    A majority of the A/W Prorsum line will go off at a discounted price though.

    Several visitors have came in and complained about the prices and stated that they've found better deals at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales (only problem they've had was the quantity, available sizes and selection of items). We are trying to be luxurious and having "sales" isn't very luxurious in our mainline stores - I completely understand the idea that Burberry is aiming for. :p
  5. Last season I was told there would be no online sale. I therefore think the same will apply at the end of this season.
  6. Any news on whether there will be a Burberry sale coming up? Thanks.

  7. I've been shopping at Burberry for years (I was one of those little kids running around with a little classic plaid dress. :p), and I've never seen a sale at any of my stores... Maybe I'm just unlucky. :sad:

    But, if you want a good deal on Burberry, I highly suggest going to Bloomingdale's... They regularly markdown Burberry pieces quite often, and just this year, I've gotten some pretty fabulous pieces!

    For myself, I went into the Burberry section during their F&F Sale (additional 20% everything!), and I found this jacket ( on sale 30%. So, with the combined discounts, I got the jacket for $500, which was a complete steal in my opinion. :smile:

    And over the summer, I went into Bloomie's looking for a new bag, and I stumbled upon a Nova Check bag (Tag says: Nova Perspex Small Tote in Rasberry Sorbet) in the additional 40% reduced price. It was originally $695, and I ended up getting it for $312!

    And if you're interested in children's apparel, I've gotten some great deals for my little brother in the children's department... A pair of jeans for $45 (originally $125), a green classic plaid dress shirt for $74 (originally $175), and a grey hoodie for $84 (originally $185).

    I can definitely tell that Burberry is trying to expand into more of an upscale, luxury brand over the past few years, and be more like stores like Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Hermes, the works, where they never have a great sale. (I did get great deals on some luxury designers in Italy in the end of August... but that's Italy.. :p) However, there are still deals to be had... you just need to know where to look, I suppose!

    Hope I helped someone! :smile:
  8. That is a beautiful jacket, Julie.

    I'm looking for a belt that I saw recently at the Rodeo Drive store location that Bloomingdale's does not carry. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Those are definately great scores! I love hearing stories like this! Which Bloomies do you go to?

  10. Just a quick update. Since the beginning of this month, our A/W 2011 Prorsum shoes and Prorsum python accessories are on sale now. Burberry is no longer having online sales and our sales will only happen within our mainline stores.

    Overall: is the forefront of our brand and will no longer have sales online, items within our stores that are on-sale will no longer appear with a decreased price on our website.
  11. North Michigan Avenue in Chicago. :smile: If you're close by or ever in the city, I strongly recommend checking them out!
  12. Bloomies does have great deals! I got a 1000 dollar mens hooded military jacket for 620 dollars, which is a great discount considering I was going to buy it full price from Burberry.
    I also got an amazing cashmere sweater from the Burberry store in Egypt for 150 dollars on sale! Old collection was 65% off, too bad that's a bit difficult for people to get to haha
  13. is there any new intel on the burberry boutique sale? does anyone have a date after christmas?
  14. Just thought I should let everyone know there's crazy sales going on right now (not online, only in stores). Average of 30%-40% off. Prorsum off-runway Mink Hats, originally ~$2100 now $1199!