Winter Parkas!

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  1. Maybe some of you will think this is early but being in Canada all the warm jackets sell by October!! I need to start thinking about what I want.

    I have a beautiful wool Burberry Coat but I would love something warm and down filled for the extra frigid months!

    Any suggestions?
  2. You got to try CAnada Goose jacket. It makes me feel so warm & toasty in the winter. I went up to the Arctic & I would say 70% of the ppl up there wear Canada Goose!
  3. If you have real weather, cotton doesn't seem like a good idea. I have a Parajumpers jacket from in Montreal. I've worn it from 50 F to -35 F, and give or take a few layers it's done the job for me.
  4. Get a Canada Goose. I've worn mine in -55C. My only regret is that I didn't purchase it earlier! :ninja:
  5. CanadaGoose is so trendy here! I have thought about buying it but just looking at other options! Something more unusual or fashion-oriented.
  6. Love that Sacai parka!! I wear Postcard when it's really cold out. They have nice down jackets.
  7. ive been looking for a parka as well!!! the only one i like is the aritzia one... but it's so common.... love to hear more ideas
  8. Anybody have a Woolrich Parka? It's very popular in Europe, but it's quite pricey.
  9. Aritzia gets my vote too but I don't like them bulky. Aritzia has restyled some of them this season.