Winter Kate by Nicole Richie

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  1. Have you all seen Nicoles new line of clothing Winter Kate? Its ADORABLE! I really love this dress but I dont want to order it because I want to see someone wearing it while standing up. Ha

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  2. ooh that dress looks cute. good call waiting to see it on a model standing up.. hehe.
  3. I think I recently saw some of her line in a Magazine and it was so pretty - might have been InStyle or People Style...
  4. Where can you find her clothes and when?
  5. it was Instyle's March issue I just saw some of her line last night.
  6. Bought the above mentioned Camellia dress, and while it is lovely it is VERY TIGHT across the bust. I have a 29" ribcage and 31" across bust (dd cup) and it was way too small in the size small. It cut into my breasts and looked horrible. I called the retailer, and I guess this is an ongoing complaint with this particular dress. Sizing up would have made this giving dress even more of a tent.

    I exchanged for the Damien silk dress, hoping for a better fit. I own the Kimono dress and find it to be very generous in the bust. In hindsight, although this cotton frock has a nice pretty pattern, the cotton was kinda thick (turned me off for the heat, although quality was evident) and I couldn't get passed the fact that Id rather spend less for a thinner cotton frock at Forever 21. I think the silk chiffon is where the value is at for this line.

    Too little promises for a $200 dress