Winter Heloise Patent - Opinions?

  1. I put my name down for the anthracite and black, but mostly will go with the black. I was told it would arrive middle of august or later. what do you guys think of it? The anthracite is the fisr pic, the one with sienna miller is the black. I appreciate your answers in advance! :yes:

    P.S. I have yet to own a chloe - I was going to get the quilted bay awhile back, then decided against it. This will be my first!!! :heart:
    030420070106188271.jpg sienna_miller_300x400.jpg
  2. Its yummy. Sadly too big for me as id love one. Im only a size 4 and 5ft 7in tall so would swamp me. If they made a smaller version id have my name down for it.
  3. I'm curious to see what the sapin (dark green) patent Heloise looks like IRL...

  4. I really like the smaller versions of this bag. Gorgeous!
  5. i really don't find myself drawn to black bags but the one sienna miller has is gorgeous!:drool:
  6. Thanks for the replys! :tup: I really appreciate it. I did think about size, as I am also 5'7" and thin, but the one I like the most of the series is the large...although the others are gorgeous too! And I didn't know there was a dark green! that must be lovely. I most likely will get the black, but we'll see! ;)
  7. I love the Black one! :heart:

    See my post about my new Heloise in the regular non-patent leather. Mine is the "Medium" Heloise. I am smaller than Sienna Miller and mine doesn't look as big on me as her bag does? So is hers the large (which I thought was a totally different shape) or is it just a funny camera angle I wonder?
  8. Sorry to confuse....I just checked on Chloe website and there are two sizes of the patent in that bowler shape - Sienna must have the large as it is defo smaller than my medium one :tup:

    I quite fancy a black one in medium! :graucho:

    Let us know what you decide Mea :heart:
  9. ^ I'll definitely let you guys know! love the black patent large...but I am starting to worry about proportion a bit. I already have navy, cream, brown, grey and yellow bags from other lines, so a black patent is appealing to me. I also am getting rid of another black bag, so this would be a good replacement. But we'll see, as I have a weakness for all things anthracite colored...:push:
  10. Are there any websites that show the different versions of the Heloise? (other than for some reason it never loads on my computer).

    I quite like the non-patent non-quilted versions I've seen, but want to see all the different sizes online. Thanks!
  11. I love the Herloise!! Im not a huga fan of patent leather though.... But thats just me :smile:
  12. ^'ve only seen them at for the patent heloises; but the regular ones I think maybe on or Nordstrom has the regular leather heloises in stock right now. I know both Neimans and Nordstrom told me the patent heloise will not go online though, because each are getting so few in number; like when they first got the quilted bay bags.

    I love the regular heloise too; I wish I could pull it brother and boyfriend find it "not my style" though. Sadly, they are right, like how they were about the quilted bay. I hate it when I find a shoe or bag or item of clothing I love; but know will not use or know it will will stick out like a sore thumb with my current wardrobe. some women are born to be chameleons; but I'm not one of those.:oh: Oh well!
  13. Thanks for that info. :smile: I've just emailed a couple of SA's from Nordies and Saks. :tup:

    :roflmfao: about being "style chameleons"! I'm not either....I tend to buy the same style clothing over and over. :push:
  14. Not for me, it's too big...i think i wouldn't get on with it.
    But, if you love it - go for it!;)