*Winter*Fun* Make a Snowflake!*

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  1. Very cool!
  2. I love this site!
  3. wow nice!
  4. Love that, great idea - thanks for posting.
  5. isn't it fun! Makes me feel like a kid again!:lol:

    I wrote my name as Swanky and wrote from THE PURSE FORUM!
    You can e-mail it to yourself and then post them here. . . I'll go get mine. . . .
  6. Thanks Swanky for posting that. So much fun.
  7. That site is so much fun. I think it's been posted here a few times.
  8. ^point it{them} out to me and I'll shut this one down! :biggrin:
  9. Thanks for sharing. This is cool.
  10. Here's the URL for mine. If you watch the opening animation, you will see my flake come down from the sky. You can mouse over it to get a closer look.