*Winter*Fun* Make a Snowflake!*

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  1. Popular Front: SnowDays

    I wodner if we can post them after we make one:confused1:
  2. Very cool!
  3. I love this site!
  4. wow nice!
  5. Love that, great idea - thanks for posting.
  6. isn't it fun! Makes me feel like a kid again!:lol:

    I wrote my name as Swanky and wrote from THE PURSE FORUM!
    You can e-mail it to yourself and then post them here. . . I'll go get mine. . . .
  7. Thanks Swanky for posting that. So much fun.
  8. That site is so much fun. I think it's been posted here a few times.
  9. ^point it{them} out to me and I'll shut this one down! :biggrin:
  10. Thanks for sharing. This is cool.