Winter formal dress help!!

  1. i need help finding winter formal dresses.
    i wanted to wear either dark purple, black, or any dark color that comes up to my knees (no longer than my knees)
    the maximum i want to spend is 150.
    help please!
  2. hmmm junior sections of department stores (besides Neimans and Saks) should have to cute dresses for a reasonable price. try Nordies bp.
  3. Nordstrom has a ton of options if you look online, especially in your price range. Plus you can search by color and event (which will get you different lengths). Here's there dress page.
  4. My cousin went early online shopping for her winter formal dress as well. I think she has it the first week of December, anywho she ordered from an online store called Camdendrive. Here are some pictures that I thought might be suitable according to your standard.

    Chic Short Black White Dress
    Charming Purple Cocktail Dress
    Flirty Short Green Cocktail Dress
    Short Cute Turquoise Dress

    Or if you didnt like any of these, you can look at there latest dresses. I saw my cousins dress, and the quality was great, plus they offer free ground shipping. Hope you find something you like :smile: