Winter color on face

  1. In the winter, do you wear bronzer, self-tanner, or neither?
  2. i use Nars "Laguna" bronzer.
  3. Neither, I go as I am :biggrin:
  4. I wear brozer on my cheeks and spread the remainder left on my brush around my forehead and jawline
  5. bronzer.. just a tiny bit though.
  6. I am afraid!! of bronzer. I always end up looking orange or bruised.
  7. I just wear my usual blush. I'm too pale to wear any kind of bronzer. I think I'd wind up looking like an Oompa Loompa.
  8. I wear both year round. I did have to search to find the perfect non-orange shades for me, but it is possible. You just have to be patient!
  9. I just use a little bronzer in the winter, I like Nars Laguna.
  10. Neither--I just use Benefit's Georgia on my cheeks.
  11. Whatever blush I'm using seems to get the color back.
  12. I use olay Tinted moisture , And Bit of bronze
  13. I use MAC bronser in 'Golden' to give my face some colour during the winter
  14. Bronzers looks too dirty on me or too orange.
    I used to use LORAC Gold shimmer.
    I am debating to purchase 24K Gold from Jane Iredale

    Has anyone tried that?
  15. I use powder bronzer with a pink or peach blush on top , I am pale all year so this combo helps me look like I have a pulse