Winter Coats

  1. Hey Everyone,

    With winter coming up in Aus soon i am looking for a new winter coat. I have a black one which is still going after 4 years so i will keep it, so anything besides black.
    I would say my limit is about 500US. Not double breasted and it has to be lined.

    Any suggestions? What coats stood out in the US winter?

    thanks in advance
  2. you can never go wrong with a trench coat.
  3. Ohhh passerby those are gorgeous coats :smile:
  4. Mackage makes gorgeous coats and at this time of the year you may be able to get a lot of them on sale...
  5. Ohhh.. I think I'm getting one of those Giordano's for myself. I love how different they are without being freaky. The very first one is TDF!
  6. I agree with sailornep5...Mackage all the way! I think they make gorgeous coats that are very classy looking but quite unique. I always get compliments on mine!
  7. totally agree! i've bought 3, they're just so flattering!
  8. I looked up Mackage but most of them are sold out.
    Anyone know of any websites that sell them? thanks
  9. my god, i am so dumb, didnt even think to look at revolve. thanks funheaven!
  10. ;) you're welcome.. if you are a new customer to Revolve, make sure you get the 30% off for your first order..
  11. Oh, Belini! I forgot to give you a head up. ..Mackage coats run a bit bigger. I'm 5'6 and weight 105.. i normally wear size S for other brands but for Mackage coats, I wear size XS.