Winter Coat question

  1. Going to N.Y., I am buiying a coat, should I get a 3/4 lenght coat or a long coat! Thanks for response......what is more in!
  2. GEEEEEEZ my spelling is horrific at this hour, sorry!
  3. I say 3/4 to half length. Long coats are a little too "heavy" and looks too old. A belted one would add some definition to your figure and helps hug curves!!
  4. Thanks:heart:
  5. I agree with [vogue]. I just got back from NY and only saw a handful of women wearing long coats. Most were wearing 3/4 or half coats. A long coat just seems too cumbersome. Although, I must say, the women I saw in long coats looked very snug and warm!
  6. yep, definitely 3/4. way younger and sexy.
  7. I agree with everyone! :yes: 3/4 length seems to be the style. I bought a long, wool coat from Searle thinking it would look classy, but nope- it wasn't. I returned it.
    I see lots of The North Face jackets or puffy coats in addition to wool coats.
  8. I work in NYC and recommend the 3/4 length. Also bring along gloves, scarf and a cute hat.

    I never wear my full length coats any more. When you are walking around or walking in and out of buildings, you don't feel the cold. Not to mention that a full length coat is really cumbersome to put on and take off (and then carry around). Enjoy your trip to the city!
  9. I live in nyc and I wear a half coat. Just make sure it is warm! Cute scarf and gloves are a must! Check out Everyone wears down coats- fur trim on the hood is a nice touch!