Winter coat or jacket dilemma! Need help!

  1. I moved to PA and winter here is no joke, I can tell already.
    I want to buy either of these
    [​IMG] OR [​IMG]
    Which one is better? I would love to get two, but do I need two?? What do you think? Every comment if greatly appreciated. Thank you :cutesy:
  2. I would lean towards the jacket because it has the hood, and because it is much cheaper ;). However, the jacket seems kind of short for really cold days - so in that case the longer coat seems more practical. Honestly, I think you ought to pick whichever one you like the best fashion-wise and then buy an LL Bean or Land's End parka (in a length that is in-between the two you have pictured above) to wear on the really bitter, blustery days when nobody will look at you long enough to care what you're wearing outside. ;)
  3. between the two i would pick the left. i think it's easier to go around not having a hood by wearing earmuffs or a hat than wearing bulky pants to make up for the fact that your bottom half isn't covered. i have a coat similar to the one on the left. while it may not be the most fashionable coat in the world, it's super comfy and warm.
  4. Thank you. Two contradictive opinions and both of you are right. Anyone else?
  5. Also, I'm driving mostly, so jacket would be more ...suitable, BUT this coat stole my heart. POST CARD is really good brand, as far as I know, so is MaxMara. Ehhh!
  6. I love the coat on left. It comes down over your thighs so it will be much warmer:smile:
  7. I just found out that on MaxMara jacket fur trimming is faux fur. Definately no then. Looks like real though.