Winter break-Let them sleep???

What to do with your kids???

  • Let them enjoy and rest?

  • Pretend they are in the army and get up at 5am every morning?

  • Don't have kids so I can't help ya

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May 30, 2006
My husband, who loves to control things, told me this morning that he had turned off the tv my kids watch upstairs in the gameroom. :confused1: Why I asked?? Because I told them to go to bed at 1130pm and I went in and found them still watching tv at 1230am so I turned it off. Oh boy I thought.. :shrugs: Gave him the your such an azzhole sometimes look and said Why would you do that??? We spend most of the year getting up early all week for school and having full days and you can't let them enjoy their break?? Boy you sure know how to ruin a vacation says me! He says Boy you sure know how to ruin my morning :rolleyes: For some reason he thinks they are stuck in front of the tv and it's going to melt their innards. I don't know why because they aren't here all day. They wake up late sure 1030 or so then they have Huntington learning center for two hour then they have to do their chores then it's time for dinner and THEN they get to sit in front of the tv or go to a friends house.
Is it me?? Am I to easy on them? Or do you let your kids rest easy when they are on break?? Btw summer is a different story I structure things a bit earlier and have more for them to do since they are out longer. Tell me what you think :yes:
Mine started going to bed later and later...he's only 7 and bedtimes are around 8 -8:30. I thought it was okay, but then he missed the bus yesterday because he overslept and was tired after school.

I think it is best to keep your kids to some sort of schedule so that they don't get up /go to bed more than an hour later than normal. My mom used to do that to me, and I find it to my advantage that I can never stay asleep any later than 7:30 am.
I'm a kid of myself, and I don't let myself sleep late when I'm taking days off. It's just bad for your health. There's nothing really to "enjoy" IMO
Just make sure they start to get back on normal schedule a day or two prior to school starting..My daughter had a HARD time going back the first day as she was up too late !
Thanks for all the opinions! I should also add that mine are 14 and 12 and I do feel that they work pretty hard in school so that is mainly why I won't give in with him. They need a good break from things just like anybody else ;)
We let them sleep in as long as they wanted, figured catch up was alwats good....but we didn't let them go overboard staying up. Half hour extra for the little one, an hour for the older one.
I agree..let them sleep in a little. I don't have any kids but I remember loving school breaks so I could sleep for that extra hour to hour and a half. I always had to get up around 6 to get ready for school anyway so the time off felt GREAT.
If they have any amount of sleep debt, that extra time spent catching up could be invaluable. I remember how much I looked forward to my vacations so I could stay up late and sleep in later, so you're doing the right thing, and within reason. They'll remember these days down the road once they grow up and find jobs in the real world, where they have to plan vacation days weeks in advance! Their vacation days are short enough and they're growing, anyway, so extra sleep can only be a good thing.
I am with you Chag!! My kids have been going to bed late, and sleeping later in the morning! They are always busy, so why not let them have a bit of fun???? Starting tomorrow night, I will make them go back to their regular bedtime, though, so they won't be too burnt out for school on Monday!
I loved being able to sleep in. with new years and xmas falling on the weekends, i have really enjoyed those 3 day weekends, my whole family slept until 3 in the afternoon on new years day and just bummed it the rest of the day. it feels good to give your body a break from the daily grind of life.