Winter Boots for Chicago

  1. I will be moving tomorrow finally to Chicago but I have never lived in a cold city, only down south. I was wondering what kind of boots I will need. Is the point of boots just to have that extra layer of warmth on your lower leg, or should they actually be lined? I purchased some Coach boots the other day, Tatum Suede boots in Black and I was wondering if these would be warm enough or if boots that are lined like Uggs and whatnot are the best type boot?
  2. they look warm the winters seem a lot more mild than when i lived in IL not chicago but 1 hour away the boots seem fine
  3. Those are really cute, I really like them. I am getting Uggs tho, and I know nobody like them and they say they are out.
  4. I was thinking about getting Uggs, I have a pair from when they first came out and they are the most comfortable boots ever! I'm still on the fence about these coach boots...I guess because they come up mid calf and I have also bought knee high boots.
  5. you have to have at least one pair of ugg boots and one pair of snow thermal boots