Winter Boots, but not Uggs!

  1. Hey. I need winter boots that are very warm. I know many people wear Uggs but I am trying to avoid buying them since everyone has it. Suggestions? Please help!
  2. House of Dereon has some very fashionable boots that are also warm and snuggly.
  3. Sporto has some good ones too. They're based in Boston I think.
  4. Good question. Im about to fold and buy another pair of uggs since its getting cold in nyc.
  5. I had the same predicament - I don't like Uggs because they are everywhere. I love my unique Pucci rainboots so much that I ended up buying a pair of Pucci snow boots and have been really pleasantly surprised at how warm they are keeping my feet now that it has chilled significantly here. I keep pretending that there is snow on the ground because they are so warm and comfy and the patterned colors make me so happy that I want to wear them every day. Unfortunately I bought them on clearance and am having trouble finding them on sale anywhere so that I can show you a pair but there are some to be found on eBay. Puccis not for everybody but its definitely for me.

    eBay: Authentic Emillio Pucci Blue Snow Ski Boots 37 NEW (item 150081084161 end time Jan-23-07 22:30:31 PST)
  6. I have been looking also - I have some La Canadienne boots which are comfy and waterproof. But out here in California, they have stopped selling warm boots already (and it is still cold in Northern California!)
  7. I am fortunate to own a pair of the warmest boots made - Reindeer fur ones made by the Saami people in frosty and exotic Lapland! And to my amazement, this year they are suddenly very fashionable. In fact, somewhere in the dusty shelves of this forum, I started a thread about them!

    For more moderate warmth and subtle look, I love my Totes! I don't have their warmest ones, but I am thinking of getting some next year, "Icelandic" I think they are called.
  8. I just bought a pair of winter boots for our ski trip to Park City, they are made by Brilliant (another line by Sporto). They are very cute, warm and light, I bought them from Piperlime. Here's a picture:

    I think these are really cute too: