Winter 2013 sale haul

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  1. Winter 2013 sale season was an eyeopener for me. It was when i discovered the value of patience waiting for second cut and the genius that is instagram😉


    At first, all I wanted was a wallet.
    As my one and only kate spade wallet was falling apart already after years of use. So when my trusty gucci SA sent me this, I grabbed it right away.

    I really thought that was it for me. However, after countless hours browsing thru tpf, i discovered hirshleifer's and was amazed to find a chanel purse on sale that is less than $1000!
    I promised my husband that was it. However, we decided to vacation in illinois for christmas. One of my friends then brought me to the newly opened fashion outlet. I felt it would be a waste to drive for 10hrs to be in chicago and not buy anything. So i ended up with this 😉☺️

    Then i heard abt second cut sale! That was also the time I discovered the best social media ever! Instagram!
    These are fr the SAs i've become
    friends with during this sale season.

    Now my 2 most favorite items fr this sale haul came fr intels fr some of the lovely ladies of tpf😍☺️

    Now I swore to my husband i will not buy a single thing until the next sale season. I think he believed me😉😉😉

    Thanks for letting me share!!

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  2. Your haul is TDF, thanks so much for sharing!! I did see your posts in the Chanel sale thread, thank you so much for being kind and sharing tips! ☺️ I didn't have the budget to splurge this winter so it's been fun seeing what everyone else got. I especially love your gray CL's (is that a flannel Geo pump?) and the purple Cosmo. Congrats again on such wonderful scores!

  3. Everything you chose was lovely but what I love is that cute little dog at the end. Congrats!

  4. Thanks for sharing my joy anasa! 😘😘😘

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  5. He is such a cutie isn't he? He's my daughter's big bro😉😍 thanks!!

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  6. Woah, beautifull bags and shoes! I love the dog at the end! :kiss:

  7. Thank you so much xjoyce for sharing my joy!! 😘😘☺️

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  8. Wow what a great haul! I love your Chanel pieces!
  9. LOVE your stash! You did sooo well! I was hoping for a Chanel sale bag this year and I wasn't so lucky :sad:

  10. Thanks for reading this thread averagejoe!!!😘 it makes so happy to be able to share them!

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  11. Thanks shoppinggalnyc! No worries, sale comes twice a year. Maybe you'll get lucky when it happens again in June😉

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  12. I know - I looked last year but I didn't get lucky then either :sad: I need to make friends with some SAs but I usually don't shop retail. Next sale I'm going to get more aggressive LOL.

    Congrats on your finds :smile:

  13. beautiful :woohoo:love the prada .....

  14. Awesome sale haul!