Winter 2007 Trends


Tater Salad
Apr 10, 2007
Everything I've seen so far looks like the retro 80's thing is phasing out and the roaring 20's is back in! I wonder if the 1920's style trend was brought back in a way by Prada's re-intro of turbans....even though the turban never seemed to come back for this time!
Dec 20, 2006
Oxford heels, wide leg pants (any pants, really), coats with oomf (whether it be pop colour furs, exotic skins, or a strong silhouette), open toed shoes with tights, coloured tights, clutches, framed bags, plush fabrics, high tech fabrics, belted coats and dresses (wide or skinny belts, nothing inbetween), and long gloves.

Overall, designers saw this as a more soigne season - with a modern twist, of course.