Winona's Bag Biography: A History In the Making

  1. I didn't carry a bag until last year.
    I kid you not.

    I carried my ID, lipgloss and cash in pockets.
    The rest was left in my car, which I always referred to as "my big purse".

    So, where to begin?

    Handbag #1

    I found this my first handbag, a Chanel, at a second hand shop for $12.
    My head almost exploded when I saw it was marked at $12. I ensured not to sweat oll over the soft supple leather as I shook my way to the counter and handed over what amount of a bottle of nailpolish to the clerk.
    chanel3.jpg chanel.jpg chanel2.jpg chaneltopclosed.jpg
  2. Handbags #2 & #3

    These I do not have photo's of.
    Their stories began and ended before I found TPF.
    Balenciaga 05' Bordeaux Weekender
    Balenciaga 04' White First
  3. Handbag #4 - Marc Jacobs Quilted Venetia

    When I saw the quilted line some out in August of last year I mentioned to my significant other that I loved them. This is the only bag he has bought for me, he claims to have started the real bag mania and utterably regrets it. I recieved this for my 28th Birthday, a month early, last October.
  4. HANDBAG #5 Balenciaga 06' Cornflower Blue City

    I bought this bag from a Purse Forum member on the original MP in April of this year.
    I sold it this morning.
    cornflower1123.jpg cornflowerinsun.jpg wearing cornflower.jpg cornflower.jpg cornflower hanging.jpg
  5. $12!!!!??? :wtf:
  6. HANDBAG #6- Balenciaga 05' Calcaire First

    Oh, the only bag I've regretted selling.
    At least I know she went to a good home ;)

    Here is my Balenciaga 05' Calcaire First.
    I bought it on eBay and it came to me with some damage, and really, I was okay with it because I'm a complete klutz and was worried about damaging a pristine light colored bag.
    Eventually I sold her to a PF member who restores bags.
    This bag was the squishiest of any bag I've owned.
    calcairefirst.jpg calcaire4.jpg calcaire.jpg
  7. HANDBAG #7 Chloe Paddington 05' Craie

    By far the most lux of my bags. This leather is THICK.
    I remember when this bag arrived I was shocked at how big it was! Paddingtons always looks a bit smaller to me in photographs.
    The brass against the cream is amazing. I am, however, too afraid to use her... so she's been out of her dustbag three times this year.
    craie.jpg chloe4.jpg craie0.jpg craie5.jpg craiekelly2.jpg craiekelly.jpg
  8. HANDBAG #8 Louis Vuitton Speedy 35

    Because what would a girl be without a Speedy?
    Bought this on eBay for $400. I was happy.]

    (despite the evidence in the second photo: I am not double jointed, just humanly disproportionate)
    marnidress.jpg marnidressback.jpg
  9. Your Blue City is TDF. I freakin love that color. :heart:.
  10. Handbags #9 & 10 Marc Jacobs Sophia's in Berry and Spearmint.

    These bags were bought and sold on eBay.
    The size wasn't large enough for me.
    I also thought I had bought a Bordeaux looking bag, and it came to me pink.
    Still, they were [​IMG][​IMG]pretty.
  11. HANDBAG #11 Fendi Chocolate Spy

    This bag was purchased from the woman who won it on Bluefly's giveaway a day contest. The day this bag was up for grabs in the contest, I PLAYED and PLAYED and PLAYED!!!
    I obviously lost, but ended up with the bag at a great discount after crossing all T's and double checking, triple checking it's authenticity.
    Right now it's my favourite, but it's also my newest bag.
    chocolate spy.jpg DSC03653.JPG
  12. HANDBAG #12 Balenciaga 06' Pale Pink Day

    I bought this 4 days ago on ebay because it was only $500 and brand new. I then re-sold it to my girlfriend who really wanted a Balenciaga.
    I'm down like that. And no, I didn't sell it for more. You people are horrible.
  13. :heart: :heart: :heart: You're the best!! (ps: that Spy is GORGEOUS!!!)
  14. I sooooo :heart: your blog! I :heart: the story-like format. Please write more!! Of course, your bag collection is nice too!
  15. I like your bag biography..

    Really nice bags!!! Thanks for sharing...