Winona Ryder comeback movie and voluptuous figure

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  3. My gosh, i didn't even realise her age, i was still thinking she was in her 20's lol!
    I love her in "Beetlejuice" "Edward scissorhands" and "Girl, interrupted" but "Mermaids" has to be my absolute FAVE!
    I am glad she is coming back into mainstream acting, she is talented!
  4. Ahhh...the movies that defined my generation. ;) I love "Mermaids". I am going to add it to my queue on netflix, its been years since I have seen it!
  5. *If you wanna know if he loves you so it's in his kiss (that's where it is)*
  6. oooh she looks gorgeous and womanly - she almost needed to gain some weight to be seen as a grown up.

    Hope she didnt steal those boobies lol .................. ;) :biggrin:
  7. That is the truth! Between ages 26-28 I went from 107 to 130-135 and all of sudden all my old guy friends were trying to date me and my old group of friends started asking me to go out to the clubs with them. Its like I needed to fill my shirt out to fit in or something!
  8. :lol:
  9. Winona always had a chest even when she was skinny. She just has more of one now. I think the fuller figure looks good on her.

    I've always liked her performances.
  10. I always love Winona and her movies - in whatever shape :biggrin:
    she is truly a beauty imo!
  11. Wow no way she's almost 40! That just seems unreal.
  12. ^I think she looks amazing but that LV dress did not fit her at all.
  13. Agreed... it looks quite awkward on her actually. I think one of the reasons her breasts look so big is the cut of the dress.
  14. I'm less than impressed. Maybe it's the ill-fitting dress.
  15. Well over course she would be 'voluptuous' now compared to how she looked at 18.
    I still think it's the dress that is suffocating her boobies that makes her look like she has a 'fuller figure'.
    OT -- Rachel Weisz looks amazing in pictures in the link!