winning bidders who want to change terms of auction?

  1. Why do people bid when they don't have the money readily available to pay when they win.

    I sold a bag. I make it very clear in my auctions that international bidders must contact me before they bid so I can tell them the shipping rates.

    A guy in Canada bid (and subsequently wins) my auction. However, he didn't contact me until 4 a.m. about shipping rates until after he bid. I'd been ill so I was able to respond to his email within the hour. The auction ended at 7:15 a.m.

    Because of the price and value of the bag, I told him I only felt comfortable shipping the bag Express mail and the rate would be $25. He wins the auction and I send him an invoice. He replies that Priority is only $12 and would I be willing to charge him $20 because he's going to have to pay customs on the bag.

    WTF?!? I calmly reminded him of my first email about shipping and that the bag would have to be shipped for $25 because that price includes shipping and handling.

    He agreed and then asked me to say the bag costs $20 so he won't get dinged on customs. I didn't even respond. I'm not doing that because I'm not getting in trouble with the government so he can save a couple of bucks. He also said that he'll need to move money around and needs an extra couple of days to pay.

    Is this some evil game that eBay bidders like to pay called "I'll buy your item, but I want to renegotiate the terms of the auction after I win"??
  2. He's got a cheek certainly but there is a little misconception on the customs thing. The only people who lose out on customs charges is the country you ship to NOT your own country. Only ever mark as a gift if you are 100% comfortable doing it (I personally have no problem with it). And yes I know it states it's an offence to mark them incorrectly

    Your buyer is being incredibly cheeky!
  3. If it is a pricy item, the only safe shipping method via USPS is Global Express. Only Global Express packages can be insured and traceable. Once you put the insured value, the buyer might will have to pay duty since the value is clearly stated. Don't ship via Global Priority since it is not tracealbe, and there is no way to prove the buyer received the package or not.

    I don't like to ship to Canada since their custom is famous of holding items.

    Since you clearly stated this item will not be shipped oversea, you could tell the buyer the only shipping method to oversea is Global Express. If he/she is not willing to pay for the shipping, you will cancel this transaction. You don't have the obligation to sell to the buyers if they violate your rule.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to block international bidders.
  4. There definitely is a way as I tried to bid on an item a US eBayer was selling and I was blocked because I wasn't a US eBayer. I'm just trying to find it in the help function.....easier said than done!
  5. ugh, i shipped a bag to canada once, what a pain in the arse, it ended up being returned to me after being awol for 6 months, they wouldn't let it into the country because the post office woman hadn't put my senders address label on the box when i posted it, they are very fussy about labeling over there, apparently over 20,000 parcels were sent back to the uk last year that they wouldn't accept .
    i guess i was lucky it came back to me at all really, considering the senders details were missing
  6. There is a way to block international bidders. I do all of my auctions US only bc I don't want the problems with shipping and customs. It hasn't hurt my sales at all, all of my stuff sells and I make the profit I want.
  7. trying to change the terms of auction AFTERWARDS - is a big fat NO NO!

    as for waiting for a few days for payment - I have waited up to 3 weeks in some instances because sometimes life is just like that for buyers. In some cases I have also waited for the seller to send something for up to a month. usually I don't think it is a big deal when it is just a few days IMO.
  8. I wouldn't mind waiting if he'd informed me before he bid. It is just inconsiderate. BUT, the buyer has the option of seven days based on eBay's rules and I must live with it. Honestly, I think this bidder just got my goat by trying to nickle and dime me after the fact.
  9. I so understand you - and I really do understand that it is annoying. I am in kind of the same situation where a buyer is stringing me along for some time now and I am going for one last check and then will go for NPB (dispute is already open)

    I just hate doing that but there is no option. anyway.... hope he will pay soon.