winning bidder hasn't paid

  1. On Jan. 27 I sold a pair of Michael Kors boots for $37, which was a decent price since they only cost me $50. My auction clearly stated that I only accept paypal and that payment must be made within 72 hours.

    The winning bidder emails me after the auction informing me that she needs to wait until the first week of February until she gets her check so she can pay me. I told her OK.

    First week of February arrives and she asks for my address so she can send me a money order for the boots. Huh? My auction clearly stated that I only took paypal. I figured, what the heck, I'll do the M.O. because it is only $37 and shipping and I'll save on paypal fees.

    I never gotthe M.O, so Thursday I sent her a message letting her know I never got the M.O. and to contact me ASAP.

    Her response is below. Mind you, she never contacted me to let me know the payment was going to be late. I am just fed up. She simply assumes that I will wait until she gets her act together and mails me the M.O.

    Her response:
    my check got delayed to feb 28 because i turned my timesheets in to late for the check i was spokes to get on the 1 week of feb. iam still going to pay it will just have to wait till my check comes in and after that if you dont get the money order by the march 5 then do what has to be done.

    What would you do, would you wait for the M.O. or open a nonpaying bidder dispute today? It isn't a lot of money, but the lack of communication and the assumption that I will wait around until she gets her finances in order are insulting. I have until March 13 to open a dispute, which is after the time when she claims she'll pay me.
  2. I'd file a NPB dispute - you have been beyond patient and understanding with this buyer! It's not good form on her part to keep taking liberties with your kindness and I think you have already demonstrated your flexibility with her flakiness. Good luck!
  3. file NOW< you can always close it, but file NOW, TODAY.
  4. Yes, file to cover yourself, but keep a little glimmer of hope that she just may pay you.
  5. I would get the non payment dispute started. eBay will send her reminder and I guess you'll still have to wait the 7 days? (not sure) but at least if another week goes by you'll have started the ball rolling. Unbelievable. I hate that for ex. you state one thing and people still bid. I stated one time ship u.s. only and who wins? Someone from Austrailia!
  6. File now and don't take any more excuses. File the NPB. Also we are at the end of February and boot season is almost over.

    I just went through he same ordeal, I originally agreed to wait 2 weeks then after 2 weeks she asked if she could make partial payments. Foolishly I agreed. Then she asked if she could make the first payment at the end of the month for a grand total of 6 weeks! She said she was in a finacial predicament, no job, etc. Then why buy an expensive pair of shoes when you have no job & no money? I filed the NPB, re-listed and sold the shoes to someone who actually paid.
  7. Ditto to what the wise women say!
  8. Yes file it's far too long to wait for such a small amount
  9. File now as others said, but inspite of the fact that she is being difficult, STILL send her a nice message that you are filing because time is limited, but you will gladly remove it once payment is received.

    Otherwise she might leave negative feedback. It wont count against you because she didnt pay, and eBay will NOT display that RED negative sign. But it still losts kinda bad in my opinion because i have seen people leave nasty messages. And although no one believe what most NPBs write, it just doesnt look as nice and ruines the continuity of a nice feedback page.

    So just avoid it by being polite and tell her why you filed the claim and that you will remove it once payment is received.
    Even though she is clearly a bad eBay buyer who cannot communicate :cursing: