Winning again due to bid retraction?

  1. I was shocked to see I am winning an auction due to a bid retraction, it took 2 days for her to say she entered the wrong amount...I looked up her History, she has 57!!!!! Retractions in 6 months, can't you be NARU'd for too many??

  2. I think so. You sure it wasn't a dummy bidder?
  3. Sounds fishy to me. I would report her to eBay. At least have her checked out. 57??? Wow..
  4. Yeah, sounds like shill bidding to me! What sellers do sometimes is bid on their own item with a shill account. Let's say for instance you bid $100 on an item and the current bid was $70. The shill would bid on the item to increase the current price. Suppose they bid $105, they would then be the highest bidder and ALSO know what your high bid is. SO they retract their last bid to keep you as the highest bidder but still paying the most amount you're willing to pay without going over. This is another reason I like to snipe items! Maybe they accidentally outbid you and now need to make good. Or they outbid you and see that maybe they couldn't get what they wanted to for their item so they decided to allow you to purchase for whatever your highest bid was.

    It's unethical but up to you whether or not you want to proceed.
  5. It definitely sounds like shill bidding. How badly do you want the item? I would question the seller's intentions...
  6. Wow.....It never dawned on me that this could be a problem. I don't have a really high bid so more than likely I will be outbid, it is a coach wallet....I will check into this further.

    Again, thank you so much.
  7. Do you still have to go through with the transaction if the high bidder retracts their bid?
  8. fishy............ we all know this scam.........
  9. sounds like a scam, mabe to see if the seller can get a higher amount, then cancels when no one bids above their fake amout, which then makes you the highest bidder. eBay is full of so many dishonest sellers/buyers.