Winners Runway Store

  1. Apparently they got TONS of new stuff in this week everywhere... I remember seeing a promotion in my email.

    Anyways, I went to my Winners yesterday for a few minutes (it was just before 9pm) and I just COULDN'T believe my eyes!!!

    There was a friggin CHLOÉ PADDINGTON and FENDI SPY!!! In my neck of the woods!!!! :wtf: I inspected the Fendi (2459 CAD) and to the best of my knowledge, it appeared authentic. I don't know about the gray Chloé (859 CAD) because I only took a look at it for 2 seconds and when I wanted to come back, it was gone!!!! There were also tons of Michael Kors boots, Isabella Fiore handbags (most were 300 CAD), Marc by Marc Jacobs winter scarves (going back to get one today), TONS of leather handbags... I felt like a kid unleashed in the world's biggest candy store :nuts:

    I just couldn't believe it! And those are just the things I saw in about 20-30 minutes... So I suggest everyone checks their Winners/TJ Maxx stores this week, as there are some fab arrivals coming in!!!
  2. WHICH LOCATION!!?!?!?!? I want the Marc Jacobs scarves!

  3. Quebec city :p
  4. Thanks for the tip! I'll check out the two Winners stores near me in Montreal this weekend!
  5. I went to our measly Ottawa and me being disappointed is an understatement!

    I wonder what College park got?!?
  6. Thanks for the post. I'll have to check the ones near me.
  7. I'm going to go to the college store today after work
  8. Ok, so I was wrong... the Paddington is still there and the Spy is 1459, not 2459 lol I don't know what I was thinking :rolleyes:

    I ended up not buying much because I was super rushed but there were tons of great things (not in my size though) and omg sooooooooo many pairs of jeans... Rock and Republic, Antik Denim, Sanctuary, J brand... and more... for 120 CAD, or at least most of them were... they had some nice skirts but the rest was... eh, ordinary, and there were some awful pieces too lol!

    But the shoes... oh, the shoes. Drool.

    So, what did everyone get??? Was there nice stuff in your stores too?
  9. Anyone know if they have a runway store in toronto/missisauga/brampton location? I went to one winners somewhere around there and there wasn't much at all, but that was a few months ago. Do only some of the winners have designer goods?
  10. I'm so jealous! I checked out the Vancouver store...complete crap! Do not bother going if you are from Van. I don't understand how it can be considered a runway store when the labels they are carrying are far from high end.
  11. The Winners on Bloor Street downtown & in College park are both runway stores

  12. Of course we got nothing here in Ottawa and I am soooooo pissed off! Anyways I call to see if I can order that Grey paddy from Quebec City and they said no!

    This is sooooo annoying and really proves and justifies why I always shop from the US!

    This is the list of runway stores:
    798 Granville Street at Robson ​
    Park Royal Shopping Centre ​
    Signal Hill Centre
    5498 Signal Hill Road S.W. ​
    Edmonton South
    3355 Calgary Trail ​
    Lawrence & Bathurst
    3090 Bathurst Street
    23 Brentcliffe Road
    at Eglinton
    College Park
    444 Yonge Street
    Bloor Street
    110 Bloor Street W ​
    Winston Power Center
    2460 Winston Churchill Blvd.
    at Dundas
    200 North Service Road
    at Dorval ​
    QUEBEC ​
    Place Montréal Trust
    1500, avenue McGill College
    Place Alexis Nihon
    1500, rue Atwater
    Marché Central,
    815, rue Chabanel Ouest ​
    Place des Quatre-Bourgeois
    999, avenue de Bourgone ​
  13. The Oakville (North Service Rd) location didn't have much and the store was a complete mess!! I guess they received alot of items and don't have enough rack space so everything is squished together.

    The only thing I bought was a tiger Halloween costume for our little guy for $14.99!!
  14. I can't believe they have a Spy there. I'm going to one in West Vancouver tomorrow, hopefully, there's something good there.
  15. Oh Wow that is so cool.