Winner of the H scarf knotting cards... drumroll please!

  1. The lucky number to win the scarf knotting cards raffle is

    #25- Ardneish

    :party: Congratulations!

    Please PM me your address details.

    To everyone thank you for your participation in the raffle:woohoo:

  2. congratulations ardneish:smile:)))
  3. Congrats Ardneish!!!!:woohoo::yahoo:

    And thank you for being so generous DBAGHAG!!!
  4. Congratulations, Ardneish! :yahoo:

    Thanks again DBAGHAG for the raffle!!!
  5. Congratulations lucky 25!! :flowers:
  6. Omg Omg Om Gggggggggggggggg

    I Gone Into Shock

  7. yeah what a fun game.

    lets do another raffle!
  8. Congratulations!
  9. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    I have never won a raffle in my life!

    I would really really like these cards to go to WEYYYYYYYYY

    """"" ROSE """"""

    Rose has contributed soooooo much here in the forum with fantastic information and photographs to do with scarves and pochettes, she is the SCARF QUEEN!! and has taught me so much.

    ( If rose has a pack then I would vote for DQ )

    You are so kind to do this for me big big hugs to the whole family

  10. Jag and aab- i was really happy to do this . Those scarf cards would just be in my closet collecting dust. I am pleased that a fellow tPFer will be using them. Also this forum has been so great to me:yes: !
  11. congrats on winning the raffle, ardneish!!! that WAS a fun raffle.

    so sweet for you to offer up to rose or dq!

  12. I CANT BELIEVE I WON:hrmm:

    It was such a fun idea and so kind

    amazing ladies here truly
  13. Congrats!
  14. Congratulations!......that was so much fun.
    And I think it's very kind of you to offer your cards to Rose. I saw that yesterday and I thought that was so sweet...and perhaps it brought you luck!
  15. congrats and thanks for the raffle..........