Winner of the daisy contest grand prize?!

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  1. Wow!!! That's a nice present. I didn't think anyone won bags either...esp with that bluefly thing was going on a little while bag. I couldn't get rid of a free bag!!
  2. i know- even if i didnt love it, i would have to keep it as a trophy.
  3. I agree - there's no way I'd sell a bag that I'd won. I'd keep that as good luck!
  4. Love the trophy idea! It would like the first thing I won! :yahoo:
  5. i was just wondering the other day if anyone won that thing. perhaps someday i will be lucky enough to win a mj bag. i'd even settle for a new car. :p
  6. That's amazing.... I can't believe she's selling it either! I would have definitely kept it for myself. That's too bad.
  7. i wouldnt sell it simply because i rarely win anything!
  8. i'm not so sure she won it, it has a mark on it like it's from a sample sale, it's above the marc jacobs label. would they do that?
  9. Why wouldn't they? :confused1: The mark indicates that this was not purchased at full price.
  10. Wow, I would have kept it and used it everyday!!
  11. i agree. it's a pretty random thing to say you won it in the eBay listing- no need to disclose that- and the timing fits perfectly since we all were just getting of keychains and what not.


  12. ahh it makes sense if they use the silver marking to demonstrate the bag was not purchased at full price...i thought it was just for the sample sales
  13. ^^employee sales
  14. I'm going to watch that auction and see what happens!