Winner of my auction now says "oops"

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  1. Ok guys-I need help. My auction was up & going with ALOT of watchers when someone with NO FEEDBACK wins with BUY IT NOW option. Of course I'm happy but then I get an email right after that saying "Oops, oh, I'm really sorry but I have to cancel this transaction because I don't have a PayPal account-I thought I could use a credit card oh, and I'm really sorry" So now I'm upset because my auction clearly states PayPal ONLY. I email back & let this person know to set up a PayPal account with that credit card as it only takes a few minutes and they can pay using the credit card. I get no response. What do I do now? Do I file a complaint with eBay for non-payment to get my listing fees back? I am so bummed!
  2. Does your paypal account not have the facility to accept credit cards even if the buyer does not have an account?

    Definately put in a claim as soon as you can if she does not pay, you have to wait 7 days anyway!
  3. Unreal. The only thing you can do at this point is file an unpaid item dispute against this person. Next time you offer a buy it now option, be sure to check the little box that says "immediate payment required". That way, the winner has to actually pay before ending the auction.

    You can also automatically block buyers who don't have a PayPal account. Just go to my eBay, my account, preferences and then buyer requirements. This feature can be set as a default for all of your auctions with just one click.
  4. Yeah, she should be able to pay through paypal with her CC. If she's not responding to the email saying that, start the NPB process as soon as you can. The gall of some of these bidders, bidding up a storm without reading the auction fully lately is crazy.
  5. I second what print*model said!!!! I do that on all my auctions now!!!!
  6. Thanks guys!
  7. I hate that when that happens. I had the same thing happen to me . NExt thing i know shes no longer a registered user!!!!! I made a claim on ebay and they credited my account. I think you should contact ebay. Good luck i think every single person here has dealt with some a-hole like that. keep us posted.
  8. Can you offer the item to the 2nd highest bidder? You'll save a lot of time and you won't have to relist. But definitely file NPB against this person.
  9. I wish I could Lori but then I would basically be giving my item away. My auction still had a day & a half to go when she hit the "Buy It Now".......and you know how we all are about waiting for the last minute to bid. The best offers usually don't come until the end. So now I guess I will have to start all over again! Boo!
  10. Phooey! In that case, definitely file NPB. You can get some of your listing fees refunded that way.
  11. ugh. i'm so sick of bidders not reading the terms of sale! last night i had someone with 0 feedback do the same thing. she sniped the auction at the last minute but i told her, "sorry no sale. read the directions!"