discount code?

  1. Anyone has discount code of discount code? Gotta buy a Moni Moni handbag and very appreciated if someone can offer one. Thanks!
  2. Code GRECHEN will get you an extra 15% off!
  3. or you can buy from and use the code SPRING for 20% off!
  4. Thanks So Much~~~~~~
  5. bump, any for fall? I want the Rebecca Monkoff Morning After Mini in Charcoal, to die for!

  6. Feng Junk also carries Moni Moni and there is a Grechen's code for 20% off w' free shipping.

    20% off + free Shipping with code 'Grechen'
  7. Does anyone know if WinkNYC gives a discount to 1st time buyers?
  8. ^I just used DCWINK on the weekend for 30% off, not sure if it still works but you can try.
  9. Give DCWINK a try, but I think it expired yesterday. Grechen should get you 15% off though.
  10. thanks so much! dcwink worked for me today! i got some hunter boots :yes:
  11. Thank you!! I just used it and got 30% off and got email notification that they shipped it right away via UPS!
  12. OMG lucky girl! I ordered on 8/28 and still have not received shipment notification. I emailed yesterday to check my order status and still haven't heard back. Guess I need to call tommorrow. 10 days seems a bit extreme.
  13. YES! DCWINK still works- I just bought the Rebecca Minkoff charcoal mini morning after, it was $448, 30% off took off $134.40! Total w/ tax and free shipping was $313.60! Thank you fellow tpfers!