Wink Warehouse Sale!! Up To 80% Off

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  2. Look at the sale code , use WHSALE at check out for 15% off
  3. I went to their last warehouse sale and got some good deals.
  4. I saw they might have Rebecca Minkoff there -- do you remember seeing bags?
  5. GAH! I wish I lived in NYC for all these sample sales and deals.
  6. me too :crybaby:
  7. ny has the best sample sales! not fair..:tdown:
  8. It does say you can shop online with a coupon code-its something! Not as great as a sample sale but...
  9. I think their website is
  10. If anyone goes to the sale, can you please let us know if there's anything good? It would be out of the way for me, so I just want to know if I should make the trek. Thanks so much!
  11. Don't bother going. It's a much smaller sale than they usually have and it's kind of jammed into the back of the store. They didn't have many bags on sale -- some Alexis Hudson, a few Handmaid by Michelle Frantz and one AC mini tote in a bone/putty color that I carried around for a while but finally put down since I already have two AC bags and just bought an HH TC in chalk. I saw almost all of the clothing at their last sale and the jewelry selection wasn't very good either. They did have quite a few styles of Seychelles, mostly for $25, and a nice pair of Fornarina brown suede boots for 50% off but that's about it.
  12. good thing! i didnt wanna have to trek all the way uptown lol
  13. thanks for the info dmnyc.;)
    do you remember how much the mini tote was being sold for? I've been looking to get one but wanted to find a good deal on it. TIA!:smile:
  14. I just came back from the warehouse sale. Like Dmnyc said, nothing worth buying. The AC mini tote is selling for $150.
  15. ^^ thanks for the info; it's always great when fellow members can post this stuff & save some of us a trip.:smile: