"Wings" like those of Maxi?

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  1. I was browsing the Celebrities and Chanel thread and saw this pic!! The bag the celebrity is carrying seems to be having the "wings" problem too? :wtf:

    Is this the jumbo lambskin that she's carrying?

  2. ^ Yes this was back in the summer when Colleen was at the Glastonbury festival - her bag is probably full of Jack Daniels lol ;) It is the jumbo size :smile:
  3. ^^LOL Chloe. Yes it's the jumbo, but all of her bags look like they've been through the ringer. I've seen pics of her wearing a 227 that's taken the shape of a parallelogram. :wtf:
  4. LOL... So it's probably her that the bags seems kinda out of shape ya? :roflmfao:
  5. :yucky:
  6. ^^^ LOL Jenn! What abuse her poor bags must go through!
  7. I have the patent lambskin jumbo and it holds its shape just fine.
  8. wow
  9. Looks like she has a whole bunch of things stuffed in her bag, guess she can afford to replace it whenever she likes when it messes up! poor bag....
  10. Hi Steph! LOL, I'm not exaggerating either. :P Poor things.
  11. I think "we" on the pf take much better care of our bags than anyone else. My bags do not do that wing thing. LOL
  12. ^None of my jumbo flaps do the "wing" problem either. It's a matter of what's inside your bag and how you take care of it. :yes:
  13. Haha, thanks gals for your assurance !! I need that to consider my next Jumbo / Maxi purchase !! LOL
  14. Is that a dog, a Maltese, she is carrying?, if it is, it looks mighty scruffy also.....poor pooch if it is a dog....l:heart:H