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  1. I am obsessed with the dark red/burgundy patent wine color...but I don't know which style to get! Any ideas or seen any around lately in a 100-or-less-mm heel?? :yes:
  2. It's a great color! Saks has the Yoyo in the wine in a I believe 85mm heel and the Pigalle in a 70mm heel. With these two styles it's a matter of preference between open toe and closed toe.
  3. Rolandos!!!!!
    Can not be no other but this IMO,
    It is so classy yet sexy at the same time!
  4. 85mm Yoyo at Saks SF... It was beautiful! I would have gotten them if I hadn't found the nude Jolis
  5. I am waiting for the burgandy 85 yoyo's!! I am dying to get them!!
  6. what about the simple? does it come in wine patent?
  7. i have the yoyos 85 in the burgundy color and although beautiful, they are so uncomfortable! i vote for rolandos....those are GORGEOUS in the wine color
  8. I just got the patent red prive and they are gorgeous. I'm not sure if you can still locate them though, if not I would vote for the yoyos. I saw them at Saks before and they are TDF.