Wine WTM plus others

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  1. Well, this is a test-I have taken pics of the Wine WTM midi-silver HW-pink lining.
    I have also tried to compare the sizes of the WTM in Pewter large with WineWTM midi and the TME Petrol large

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  2. Drats!! The pics become too small, so you cannot get the real colour tone or the sense of the sizes!
  3. They kind of look as though they are the same size- or at least close in size, from the pics..

    BTW- Bonniekir- thanks for posting the pics, no worries, they came out lovely
  4. The WTM midi and the TME large are almost the same size! You're right. The difference is the depth as I tried to show. The WTM is a sleek bag , easy to carry in crowds and sticks close to the body. The TME is more roomy, and more traditional bag-wise, so the choise of bag also depends if you want to carry a lot or not.
    The WTM large and the midi most differs in the length, when you carry the bag, whereas the width is not felt that much.
  5. Great pics Bonnie! Glad to see you were able to post. Thanks for the size comparisons. It really helps seeing the wtm midi next to the tme.
    Your bags are gorgeous.

  6. These pictures really help me see the differences. Unfortunately, it just further convinces me that I may need a WTM midi one day soon...
  7. I love both of those colors.:drool: I definitely need some color!
  8. Ok-I was playing around with my pictures and tried to see if some more
    could be uploaded-
    These are taken of the Hold me's in bright weather, but in the shade. The colours are very real! I seem to have forgotten little missy Grey matte, but she certainly also deserves to have her picture taken.:smile:

    Red Fiamma, Mottled Gold, Turquoise, Fuchsia and Purple Matte

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  9. fabulous!!
  10. Beautiful pics! A lovely BE rainbow of bags!:drool:
  11. Bonnie....I wanna come live with you!!!!
  12. I forgot....when you have a moment,....can you take a picture of the wine next to the fuchsia????

  13. Thanks all!

    You're challenging my photographical skills :sweatdrop:- but when it's -hopefully -light and bright tomorrow..I'll give it a try !!
  14. Hee hee....just bribe your subjects to hold still and it should be an easy shot!!!! :P
  15. Bonnie, I LOVE your Wine WTMidi.....I shoulda got one!