Wine Wine!!!

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  1. I dont know if theres alot of threads on here about wine....but i run a winery and i love wine!!! so i was wondering if any one else here loves wine!!!

    whats your favorite wine??
  2. I like Kim Crawford white wine, but it's next to impossible to get around here. I think the supplier ran out or something. I don't know a thing about wine, but I do like a nice (i.e, non-vinegary) tasting white wine.

    This will be a good thread....I could use some advice on what to buy.
  3. I love trying different wines and used to belong to a wine of the month club at a local shop where you pay $45/month and they pick out two bottles, one around $30 and one around $15 so you get to build your collection and try things you might not have thought of.

    I love Pinot Grigios and Pinot Gris for white, and a good zin or syrah/shiraz for red.
  4. Opus one is my all time fav .....For more affordable drinking I LOVE Cakebread Chard.
  5. i prefer whites more than reds. at the moment, my favorites are chardonnay and pinot grigio.
  6. I have had Opus One before and i have to say im not a big fan for some reason....and ive never had cakebread chard is it a very oaky chard??
  7. It is fairly oaky...I love that though. Im so curious what you do not like about Opus? It is one of my all time fav reds...What is yours?
  8. If u have any vineyards around your house or local wineries they are great to go to because you can go there and taste what they have and it helps to figure out what type of wine you like!!! The only thing with wineries is that they dont have preservatives in their wine which is great...when u purchase wine from like a wine and spirit they are all loaded with preservative because they have to have a long shelf life since they are being shipped from around the thats one great thing about a winery!!! Also its a lot of fun to go and taste wine and try different things and then u know what you like so when u do go to a wine and spirits u can try different stuff. Before I started working at my winery i usto only drink white wine...and now from working there i LOVE red now when i go out to dinner i know what type of reds i like so i can order them. Because before i would never know what to order cause i didnt know much about the taste of reds!!!

    but you should definatly check out your local wineries if u have any!! also the winery i work at we ship u can also call out of state wineries and see if they ship wine too!!
  9. i dont know for some reason the opus one just didnt do anything for me....dont get me wrong is was a good wine but i wouldnt opt for it for the price of it...i think there was a lot of hype for it when i had it so maybe thats why i wasnt so sure about it....i would like to try it again and see if i have changed my mind!!!

    i love dry from pa and the area i live in has some really nice grapes here so i do drink alot of the reds from my winery or local ones around my house. But i llove zin'z and chiantis....theres one called seven deadly zins from the Lodi winery and its really really good!!
  10. I want to try it just because of the name!!! Seven deadly Zins!!! Love that!!! I also tried a new Chard. the other day called Flowers (same pricing as Cakebread) It is not as Oaky as CB and I LOVEd it too....I just love my wine...(except for White Zin...ughhhhh) in my 20's I would drink that and think I was glam...I was SOOOOO wrong!!! lol...good for you being a your age and educating yourself on good wines...FUN!!!
  11. wine is a lot of fun!!! theres so much to learn and try!!! i definatly want to try cakebread and Flowers (did u order them from online or from a wine and spirit!!!)
    we have a white zin at my work and theres this women that comes in every friday and gets like 4 bottles of it and she says its the most amazing wine ever made...and i always just smile and say thank you and have a great weekend and its just so ewwww!!!!!
  12. I adore cabs... full bodied with a dry finish, yum!
  13. Mmmmmm...I'm no wine snob but I really like going to local wineries for tasting. Hubby and I are trying to plan a trip to Napa within the next 2 years. That would be my ultimate trip.

  14. just starting to get into wines i like white zinny
  15. that will be so much fun!!! ive never been out there but i def want to go. I live in Pa and ive been to alot of the wineries here on the east coast and there are definatly some really nice wineries!!!